Aurelien Latouche
Aurelien Latouche
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A competing risks analysis should report results on all cause-specific hazards and cumulative incidence functions
A Latouche, A Allignol, J Beyersmann, M Labopin, JP Fine
Journal of clinical epidemiology 66 (6), 648-653, 2013
Circulating tumor cells in breast cancer patients treated by neoadjuvant chemotherapy: a meta-analysis
FC Bidard, S Michiels, S Riethdorf, V Mueller, LJ Esserman, A Lucci, ...
JNCI: Journal of the National Cancer Institute 110 (6), 560-567, 2018
Simulating competing risks data in survival analysis
J Beyersmann, A Latouche, A Buchholz, M Schumacher
Statistics in medicine 28 (6), 956-971, 2009
Relative index of inequality and slope index of inequality: a structured regression framework for estimation
M Moreno-Betancur, A Latouche, G Menvielle, AE Kunst, G Rey
Epidemiology 26 (4), 518-527, 2015
Host defense and inflammatory gene polymorphisms are associated with outcomes after HLA-identical sibling bone marrow transplantation: Presented in part at the Annual Meeting …
V Rocha, RF Franco, R Porcher, H Bittencourt, WA Silva Jr, A Latouche, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 100 (12), 3908-3918, 2002
Effectiveness of two year balance training programme on prevention of fall induced injuries in at risk women aged 75-85 living in community: Ossébo randomised controlled trial
F El-Khoury, B Cassou, A Latouche, P Aegerter, MA Charles, ...
Bmj 351, 2015
Competing risks regression for clustered data
B Zhou, J Fine, A Latouche, M Labopin
Biostatistics 13 (3), 371-383, 2012
A review of the use of time‐varying covariates in the Fine‐Gray subdistribution hazard competing risk regression model
PC Austin, A Latouche, JP Fine
Statistics in medicine 39 (2), 103-113, 2020
Sample size formula for proportional hazards modelling of competing risks
A Latouche, R Porcher, S Chevret
Statistics in medicine 23 (21), 3263-3274, 2004
Competing risks regression for stratified data
B Zhou, A Latouche, V Rocha, J Fine
Biometrics 67 (2), 661-670, 2011
Misspecified regression model for the subdistribution hazard of a competing risk
A Latouche, V Boisson, S Chevret, R Porcher
Statistics in medicine 26 (5), 965-974, 2007
Predictiveness curves in virtual screening
C Empereur-Mot, H Guillemain, A Latouche, JF Zagury, V Viallon, ...
Journal of cheminformatics 7, 1-17, 2015
Comparative analysis of durable responses on immune checkpoint inhibitors versus other systemic therapies: a pooled analysis of phase III trials
E Pons-Tostivint, A Latouche, P Vaflard, F Ricci, D Loirat, S Hescot, ...
JCO Precision Oncology 3, 1-10, 2019
Circulating tumor cells in early breast cancer
L Thery, A Meddis, L Cabel, C Proudhon, A Latouche, JY Pierga, ...
JNCI cancer spectrum 3 (2), pkz026, 2019
Competing events influence estimated survival probability: when is Kaplan-Meier analysis appropriate?
DJ Biau, A Latouche, R Porcher
Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research® 462, 229-233, 2007
A note on including time‐dependent covariate in regression model for competing risks data
A Latouche, R Porcher, S Chevret
Biometrical Journal: Journal of Mathematical Methods in Biosciences 47 (6 …, 2005
Guidelines for time-to-event end-point definitions in trials for pancreatic cancer. Results of the DATECAN initiative (Definition for the Assessment of Time-to-event End-points …
F Bonnetain, B Bonsing, T Conroy, A Dousseau, B Glimelius, ...
European journal of cancer 50 (17), 2983-2993, 2014
Transmission probabilities of HIV and herpes simplex virus type 2, effect of male circumcision and interaction: a longitudinal study in a township of South Africa
SG Mahiane, C Legeai, D Taljaard, A Latouche, A Puren, A Peillon, ...
Aids 23 (3), 377-383, 2009
Sample size calculations in the presence of competing risks
A Latouche, R Porcher
Statistics in medicine 26 (30), 5370-5380, 2007
A 3-year prognostic score for adults with cystic fibrosis
L Nkam, J Lambert, A Latouche, G Bellis, PR Burgel, MN Hocine
Journal of Cystic Fibrosis 16 (6), 702-708, 2017
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