Jean-Francois Mercure
Jean-Francois Mercure
Associate Professor in Climate Change Policy, University of Exeter, UK
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Macroeconomic impact of stranded fossil fuel assets
JF Mercure, H Pollitt, JE Viñuales, NR Edwards, PB Holden, ...
Nature Climate Change 8 (7), 588-593, 2018
Potential for large-scale CO2 removal via enhanced rock weathering with croplands
DJ Beerling, EP Kantzas, MR Lomas, P Wade, RM Eufrasio, P Renforth, ...
Nature 583 (7815), 242-248, 2020
Low‐carbon transition risks for finance
G Semieniuk, E Campiglio, JF Mercure, U Volz, NR Edwards
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Net emission reductions from electric cars and heat pumps in 59 world regions over time
F Knobloch, SV Hanssen, A Lam, H Pollitt, P Salas, U Chewpreecha, ...
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Entropy landscape of phase formation associated with quantum criticality in Sr3Ru2O7
AW Rost, RS Perry, JF Mercure, AP Mackenzie, SA Grigera
Science 325 (5946), 1360-1363, 2009
Modelling complex systems of heterogeneous agents to better design sustainability transitions policy
JF Mercure, H Pollitt, AM Bassi, JE Viñuales, NR Edwards
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Gross violation of the Wiedemann–Franz law in a quasi-one-dimensional conductor
N Wakeham, AF Bangura, X Xu, JF Mercure, M Greenblatt, NE Hussey
Nature communications 2 (1), 396, 2011
Fermi surface and van Hove singularities in the itinerant metamagnet Sr 3 Ru 2 O 7
A Tamai, MP Allan, JF Mercure, W Meevasana, R Dunkel, DH Lu, ...
Physical review letters 101 (2), 026407, 2008
The dynamics of technology diffusion and the impacts of climate policy instruments in the decarbonisation of the global electricity sector
JF Mercure, H Pollitt, U Chewpreecha, P Salas, AM Foley, PB Holden, ...
Energy Policy 73, 686-700, 2014
System complexity and policy integration challenges: the Brazilian energy-water-food nexus
JF Mercure, MA Paim, P Bocquillon, S Lindner, P Salas, P Martinelli, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 105, 230-243, 2019
Modelling innovation and the macroeconomics of low-carbon transitions: theory, perspectives and practical use
JF Mercure, F Knobloch, H Pollitt, L Paroussos, SS Scrieciu, R Lewney
Climate Policy 19 (8), 1019-1037, 2019
The role of money and the financial sector in energy-economy models used for assessing climate and energy policy
H Pollitt, JF Mercure
Climate Policy 18 (2), 184-197, 2018
Environmental impact assessment for climate change policy with the simulation-based integrated assessment model E3ME-FTT-GENIE
JF Mercure, H Pollitt, NR Edwards, PB Holden, U Chewpreecha, P Salas, ...
Energy strategy reviews 20, 195-208, 2018
An assessement of global energy resource economic potentials
JF Mercure, P Salas
Energy 46 (1), 322-336, 2012
FTT: Power: A global model of the power sector with induced technological change and natural resource depletion
JF Mercure
Energy Policy 48, 799-811, 2012
Upper Critical Magnetic Field far above the Paramagnetic Pair-Breaking Limit of Superconducting One-Dimensional Single Crystals
JF Mercure, AF Bangura, X Xu, N Wakeham, A Carrington, P Walmsley, ...
Physical review letters 108 (18), 187003, 2012
Energy modelling and the Nexus concept
F Brouwer, G Avgerinopoulos, D Fazekas, C Laspidou, JF Mercure, ...
Energy Strategy Reviews 19, 1-6, 2018
Simulating the deep decarbonisation of residential heating for limiting global warming to 1.5 C
F Knobloch, H Pollitt, U Chewpreecha, V Daioglou, JF Mercure
Energy Efficiency 12, 521-550, 2019
Exploring the possibility space: taking stock of the diverse capabilities and gaps in integrated assessment models
I Keppo, I Butnar, N Bauer, M Caspani, O Edelenbosch, J Emmerling, ...
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Reframing incentives for climate policy action
JF Mercure, P Salas, P Vercoulen, G Semieniuk, A Lam, H Pollitt, ...
Nature Energy 6 (12), 1133-1143, 2021
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