Christian Hellmich
Christian Hellmich
TU Wien - Vienna University of Technology, Institute for Mechanics of Materials and Structures
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‘Universal’microstructural patterns in cortical and trabecular, extracellular and extravascular bone materials: micromechanics-based prediction of anisotropic elasticity
A Fritsch, C Hellmich
Journal of Theoretical Biology 244 (4), 597-620, 2007
Upscaling quasi-brittle strength of cement paste and mortar: A multi-scale engineering mechanics model
B Pichler, C Hellmich
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Development and experimental validation of a continuum micromechanics model for the elasticity of wood
K Hofstetter, C Hellmich, J Eberhardsteiner
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Ductile sliding between mineral crystals followed by rupture of collagen crosslinks: experimentally supported micromechanical explanation of bone strength
A Fritsch, C Hellmich, L Dormieux
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Impact of rocks onto gravel design and evaluation of experiments
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Stable pitting corrosion of stainless steel as diffusion-controlled dissolution process with a sharp moving electrode boundary
S Scheiner, C Hellmich
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Spherical and acicular representation of hydrates in a micromechanical model for cement paste: prediction of early-age elasticity and strength
B Pichler, C Hellmich, J Eberhardsteiner
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Microscopic effects on chloride diffusivity of cement pastes—a scale-transition analysis
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Can the diverse elastic properties of trabecular and cortical bone be attributed to only a few tissue-independent phase properties and their interactions? Arguments from a …
C Hellmich, FJ Ulm, L Dormieux
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Are mineralized tissues open crystal foams reinforced by crosslinked collagen?—some energy arguments
C Hellmich, FJ Ulm
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Micromechanics-based conversion of CT data into anisotropic elasticity tensors, applied to FE simulations of a mandible
C Hellmich, C Kober, B Erdmann
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Mechanical behavior of hydroxyapatite biomaterials: an experimentally validated micromechanical model for elasticity and strength
A Fritsch, L Dormieux, C Hellmich, J Sanahuja
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A: An Official Journal of The …, 2009
Continuum microviscoelasticity model for aging basic creep of early-age concrete
S Scheiner, C Hellmich
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Micromechanical model for ultrastructural stiffness of mineralized tissues
C Hellmich, FJ Ulm
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Effect of gel–space ratio and microstructure on strength of hydrating cementitious materials: An engineering micromechanics approach
B Pichler, C Hellmich, J Eberhardsteiner, J Wasserbauer, ...
Cement and Concrete Research 45, 55-68, 2013
Coupling systems biology with multiscale mechanics, for computer simulations of bone remodeling
S Scheiner, P Pivonka, C Hellmich
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 254, 181-196, 2013
Elastic and creep properties of young cement paste, as determined from hourly repeated minute-long quasi-static tests
M Irfan-ul-Hassan, B Pichler, R Reihsner, C Hellmich
Cement and Concrete Research 82, 36-49, 2016
Finite volume model for diffusion-and activation-controlled pitting corrosion of stainless steel
S Scheiner, C Hellmich
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Journal of engineering mechanics 126 (3), 284-291, 2000
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