Prof. Yousef Abuzir
Prof. Yousef Abuzir
Al-Quds Open University
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Constructing the civil engineering thesaurus (CET) using ThesWB
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Implementing cloud computing in ERP
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Experiment of Al-Quds Open University in Open and Distance Learning Using New Technologies
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Automatic term extraction using statistical techniques a comparative in-depth study & application
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Advanced document management in e-Learning
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Standard for ERP as cloud computing
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TDOCS Thesauri for Concept-Based Document Retrieval
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E-mail Classification based on Thesaurus
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Predict the Main Factors that Affect the Vegetable Production in Palestine Using WEKA Data Mining Tool
DY Abuzir
CRET: A Tool for Automatic Extraction of Causal Relations
Y Abuzir
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Using Email Technology in e-Learning
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ThesWB: A Tool for Thesaurus Construction from HTML Documents
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Managing the Flow of Messages Coming to Newspaper Editor.
Y Abuzir, MDO Abuzir, F Vandamme
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