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Jiri Hejtmanek
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Misfit-layered cobaltite with an anisotropic giant magnetoresistance: Ca 3 Co 4 O 9
AC Masset, C Michel, A Maignan, M Hervieu, O Toulemonde, F Studer, ...
Physical Review B 62 (1), 166, 2000
Transition from a paramagnetic metallic to a cluster glass metallic state in electron-doped perovskite manganites
A Maignan, C Martin, F Damay, B Raveau, J Hejtmanek
Physical Review B 58 (5), 2758, 1998
Structural anomalies associated with the electronic and spin transitions in LnCoO3
K Knížek, Z Jirák, J Hejtmánek, M Veverka, M Maryško, G Maris, ...
The European Physical Journal B-Condensed Matter and Complex Systems 47, 213-220, 2005
Interplay between transport, magnetic, and ordering phenomena in
J Hejtmánek, Z Jirák, M Maryško, C Martin, A Maignan, M Hervieu, ...
Physical Review B 60 (20), 14057, 1999
Phase equilibria in Ca–Co–O system
D Sedmidubský, V Jakeš, O Jankovský, J Leitner, Z Sofer, J Hejtmánek
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 194, 199-205, 2012
calculations of correlated spin excitations in
K Knížek, Z Jirák, J Hejtmánek, P Novák, W Ku
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 79 (1), 014430, 2009
Invited Article: A round robin test of the uncertainty on the measurement of the thermoelectric dimensionless figure of merit of Co0. 97Ni0. 03Sb3
E Alleno, D Bérardan, C Byl, C Candolfi, R Daou, R Decourt, E Guilmeau, ...
Review of scientific instruments 86 (1), 2015
Character of the excited state of the Co3+ ion in LaCoO3
K Knížek, Z Jirák, J Hejtmánek, P Novák
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 18 (12), 3285, 2006
Spin, charge, and lattice coupling in triangular and Kagomé sublattices of tetrahedra:
A Maignan, V Caignaert, D Pelloquin, S Hébert, V Pralong, J Hejtmanek, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 74 (16), 165110, 2006
Beneficial effect of Ni substitution on the thermoelectric properties in partially filled CayCo4− xNixSb12 skutterudites
M Puyet, A Dauscher, B Lenoir, M Dehmas, C Stiewe, E Müller, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 97 (8), 2005
High-temperature stability, structure and thermoelectric properties of CaMn1-xNbxO3 phases
L Bocher, MH Aguirre, R Robert, D Logvinovich, S Bakardjieva, ...
Acta Materialia 57 (19), 5667-5680, 2009
Electrical resistivity and thermopower measurements of the hole- and electron-doped cobaltites
Z Jirák, J Hejtmánek, K Knížek, M Veverka
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 78 (1), 014432, 2008
Thermoelectric properties of perovskites: Sign change of the Seebeck coefficient and high temperature properties
S Hébert, D Flahaut, C Martin, S Lemonnier, J Noudem, C Goupil, ...
Progress in Solid State Chemistry 35 (2-4), 457-467, 2007
Coexistence of antiferromagnetism and ferromagnetism in Ca 1− x Pr x MnO 3 (x<~ 0. 1) manganites
MM Savosta, P Novák, M Maryško, Z Jirák, J Hejtmánek, J Englich, ...
Physical Review B 62 (14), 9532, 2000
Metal-insulator transition and the valence shift in
J Hejtmánek, E Šantavá, K Knížek, M Maryško, Z Jirák, T Naito, H Sasaki, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 82 (16), 165107, 2010
Thermoelectric properties of mechanically alloyed Bi–Sb alloys
R Martin-Lopez, A Dauscher, H Scherrer, J Hejtmanek, H Kenzari, ...
Applied Physics A 68, 597-602, 1999
Strong spin-phonon coupling in infrared and Raman spectra of
S Kamba, V Goian, V Skoromets, J Hejtmánek, V Bovtun, M Kempa, ...
Physical Review B 89 (6), 064308, 2014
Electric transport and magnetic properties of perovskites LaMn1− xCoxO3 up to 900 K
C Autret, J Hejtmánek, K Knížek, M Maryško, Z Jirák, M Dlouhá, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 17 (10), 1601, 2005
Neutron diffraction and heat capacity studies of and
K Knížek, J Hejtmánek, Z Jirák, P Tomeš, P Henry, G André
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 79 (13), 134103, 2009
Electronic, transport, and magnetic properties of partially filled skutterudites
M Puyet, B Lenoir, A Dauscher, P Pécheur, C Bellouard, J Tobola, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 73 (3), 035126, 2006
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