Veronika Kopackova-Strnadova
Veronika Kopackova-Strnadova
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Using multiple spectral feature analysis for quantitative pH mapping in a mining environment
V Kopačková
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 28, 28-42, 2014
Wavelength feature mapping as a proxy to mineral chemistry for investigating geologic systems: An example from the Rodalquilar epithermal system
F van der Meer, V Kopačková, L Koucká, HMA van der Werff, ...
International journal of applied earth observation and geoinformation 64 …, 2018
Mineral classification of land surface using multispectral LWIR and hyperspectral SWIR remote-sensing data. a case study over the Sokolov lignite open-pit mines, the Czech Republic
G Notesco, V Kopačková, P Rojík, G Schwartz, I Livne, EB Dor
Remote Sensing 6 (8), 7005-7025, 2014
Using multi-date high spectral resolution data to assess the physiological status of macroscopically undamaged foliage on a regional scale
V Kopačková, J Mišurec, Z Lhotáková, F Oulehle, J Albrechtová
International journal of applied earth observation and geoinformation 27 …, 2014
Changes in croplands as a result of large scale mining and the associated impact on food security studied using time-series Landsat images
L Matejicek, V Kopackova
Remote sensing 2 (6), 1463-1480, 2010
Normalizing reflectance from different spectrometers and protocols with an internal soil standard
V Kopačková, E Ben-Dor
International Journal of Remote Sensing 37 (6), 1276-1290, 2016
Application of high altitude and ground-based spectroradiometry to mapping hazardous low-pH material derived from the Sokolov open-pit mine
V Kopačková, S Chevrel, A Bourguignon, P Rojík
Journal of Maps 8 (3), 220-230, 2012
Utilization of hyperspectral image optical indices to assess the Norway spruce forest health status
J Misurec, V Kopacková, Z Lhotáková, J Albrechtova, J Hanus, ...
Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 6 (1), 063545, 2012
Landslide databases in the Geological Surveys of Europe
G Herrera, RM Mateos, JC García-Davalillo, G Grandjean, E Poyiadji, ...
Landslides 15 (2), 359-379, 2018
Detection of multiple stresses in Scots pine growing at post-mining sites using visible to near-infrared spectroscopy
L Zuzana, B Lukáš, K Lucie, K Veronika, P Markéta, M Jan, K Aleš, ...
Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 15 (11), 2004-2015, 2013
Modelling diverse soil attributes with visible to longwave infrared spectroscopy using PLSR employed by an automatic modelling engine
V Kopačková, E Ben-Dor, N Carmon, G Notesco
Remote Sensing 9 (2), 134, 2017
Integration of absorption feature information from visible to longwave infrared spectral ranges for mineral mapping
V Kopačková, L Koucká
Remote Sensing 9 (10), 1006, 2017
Assessment of red-edge position extraction techniques: A case study for norway spruce forests using hymap and simulated sentinel-2 data
A Gholizadeh, J Mišurec, V Kopačková, C Mielke, C Rogass
Forests 7 (10), 226, 2016
Detection of spatio-temporal changes of Norway spruce forest stands in Ore Mountains using Landsat time series and airborne hyperspectral imagery
J Mišurec, V Kopačková, Z Lhotáková, P Campbell, J Albrechtová
Remote Sensing 8 (2), 92, 2016
Assessing forest health via linking the geochemical properties of a soil profile with the biochemical parameters of vegetation
V Kopačková, Z Lhotáková, F Oulehle, J Albrechtová
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 12 (6), 1987-2002, 2015
Testing a modified PCA-based sharpening approach for image fusion
J Jelének, V Kopačková, L Koucká, J Mišurec
Remote Sensing 8 (10), 794, 2016
Chlorophyll Determination in silver birch and scots pine foliage from heavy metal polluted regions using spectral reflectance data
L Kupková, M Potůčková, K Zachová, Z Lhotáková, V Kopačková, ...
EARSeL eProceedings 11 (1), 64-73, 2012
Multi3Net: segmenting flooded buildings via fusion of multiresolution, multisensor, and multitemporal satellite imagery
TGJ Rudner, M Rußwurm, J Fil, R Pelich, B Bischke, V Kopačková, ...
Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 33, 702-709, 2019
Meteorological data and mass balance measurements on Davies Dome and Whisky Glacier in 2006–2010, James Ross Island, Antarctica
K Láska, D Nývlt, Z Engel, V Kopacková
Geophysical Research Abstracts 13, EGU2011-4858, 2011
Mapping hazardous low-pH material in mining environment: Multispectral and hyperspectral aproaches
V Kopačková, S Chevrel, A Bourguignon, P Rojík
2012 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2695-2698, 2012
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