Andreas Ipp
Andreas Ipp
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Perturbation theory and non-perturbative renormalization flow in scalar field theory at finite temperature
JP Blaizot, A Ipp, R Mendez-Galain, N Wschebor
Nuclear Physics A 784 (1-4), 376-406, 2007
The pressure of deconfined QCD for all temperatures and quark chemical potentials
A Ipp
Nuclear Physics A 785 (1-2), 182-185, 2007
Lattice gauge equivariant convolutional neural networks
M Favoni, A Ipp, DI Müller, D Schuh
Physical Review Letters 128 (3), 032003, 2022
Non-Abelian plasma instabilities: SU (3) versus SU (2)
A Ipp, A Rebhan, M Strickland
Physical Review D 84 (5), 056003, 2011
Anomalous specific heat in high-density QED and QCD
A Ipp, A Gerhold, A Rebhan
Physical Review D 69 (1), 011901, 2004
Non-Fermi-liquid specific heat of normal degenerate quark matter
A Gerhold, A Ipp, A Rebhan
Physical Review D 70 (10), 105015, 2004
Thermodynamics of large-Nf QCD at finite chemical potential
A Ipp, A Rebhan
Journal of High Energy Physics 2003 (06), 032, 2003
Perturbative QCD at nonzero chemical potential: Comparison with the large- limit and apparent convergence
A Ipp, A Rebhan, A Vuorinen
Physical Review D 69 (7), 077901, 2004
Comment on and erratum to``Pressure of hot QCD at large Nf''
A Ipp, GD Moore, A Rebhan
Journal of High Energy Physics 2003, 037, 2003
Jet momentum broadening in the pre-equilibrium Glasma
A Ipp, DI Müller, D Schuh
Physics Letters B 810, 135810, 2020
Anisotropic momentum broadening in the glasma: Analytic weak field approximation and lattice simulations
A Ipp, DI Müller, D Schuh
Physical Review D 102 (7), 074001, 2020
Photon polarization as a probe for quark–gluon plasma dynamics
A Ipp, A Di Piazza, J Evers, CH Keitel
Physics Letters B 666 (4), 315-319, 2008
Asymptotic thermal quark masses and the entropy of QCD in the large-N f limit
JP Blaizot, A Ipp, A Rebhan, U Reinosa
Physical Review D 72 (12), 125005, 2005
Broken boost invariance in the Glasma via finite nuclei thickness
A Ipp, D Müller
Physics Letters B 771, 74-79, 2017
Simulating collisions of thick nuclei in the color glass condensate framework
D Gelfand, A Ipp, D Müller
Physical Review D 94 (1), 014020, 2016
Yoctosecond photon pulses from quark-gluon plasmas
A Ipp, CH Keitel, J Evers
Physical review letters 103 (15), 152301, 2009
Streaking at high energies with electrons and positrons
A Ipp, J Evers, CH Keitel, KZ Hatsagortsyan
Physics Letters B 702 (5), 383-387, 2011
Calculation of the pressure of a hot scalar theory within the Non-Perturbative Renormalization Group
JP Blaizot, A Ipp, N Wschebor
Nuclear Physics A 849 (1), 165-181, 2011
Simulating jets and heavy quarks in the glasma using the colored particle-in-cell method
D Avramescu, V Băran, V Greco, A Ipp, D Müller, M Ruggieri
Physical Review D 107 (11), 114021, 2023
Generalization capabilities of translationally equivariant neural networks
S Bulusu, M Favoni, A Ipp, DI Müller, D Schuh
Physical Review D 104 (7), 074504, 2021
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