Fei Han
Fei Han
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Transition of stoichiometric Sr 2 VO 3 FeAs to a superconducting state at 37.2 K
X Zhu, F Han, G Mu, P Cheng, B Shen, B Zeng, HH Wen
Physical Review B 79 (22), 220512, 2009
Sr 3 Sc 2 Fe 2 As 2 O 5 as a possible parent compound for FeAs-based superconductors
X Zhu, F Han, G Mu, B Zeng, P Cheng, B Shen, HH Wen
Physical Review B 79 (2), 024516, 2009
Superconductivity and phase diagrams of the 4 d-and 5 d-metal-doped iron arsenides SrFe 2− x M x As 2 (M= Rh, Ir, Pd)
F Han, X Zhu, P Cheng, G Mu, Y Jia, L Fang, Y Wang, H Luo, B Zeng, ...
Physical Review B 80 (2), 024506, 2009
Emergent superconductivity in an iron-based honeycomb lattice initiated by pressure-driven spin-crossover
Y Wang, J Ying, Z Zhou, J Sun, T Wen, Y Zhou, N Li, Q Zhang, F Han, ...
Nature Communications 9 (1), 1914, 2018
High-Tc superconductivity induced by doping rare-earth elements into CaFeAsF
P Cheng, B Shen, G Mu, X Zhu, F Han, B Zeng, HH Wen
Europhysics Letters 85 (6), 67003, 2009
Transport properties and anisotropy of Rb 1− x Fe 2− y Se 2 single crystals
CH Li, B Shen, F Han, X Zhu, HH Wen
Physical Review B 83 (18), 184521, 2011
Pressure-driven cooperative spin-crossover, large-volume collapse, and semiconductor-to-metal transition in manganese (II) honeycomb lattices
Y Wang, Z Zhou, T Wen, Y Zhou, N Li, F Han, Y Xiao, P Chow, J Sun, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (48), 15751-15757, 2016
Large nonreciprocal absorption and emission of radiation in type-I Weyl semimetals with time reversal symmetry breaking
Y Tsurimaki, X Qian, S Pajovic, F Han, M Li, G Chen
Physical Review B 101 (16), 165426, 2020
Transport properties and asymmetric scattering in Ba 1− x K x Fe 2 As 2 single crystals
B Shen, H Yang, ZS Wang, F Han, B Zeng, L Shan, C Ren, HH Wen
Physical Review B 84 (18), 184512, 2011
SrFeAsF as a parent compound for iron pnictide superconductors
F Han, X Zhu, G Mu, P Cheng, HH Wen
Physical Review B 78 (18), 180503, 2008
Facile synthesis of silk-cocoon S-rich cobalt polysulfide as an efficient catalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction
C Wang, T Wang, J Liu, Y Zhou, D Yu, F Han, Q Li, J Chen, Y Huang
Energy & Environmental Science 11 (9), 2467-2475, 2018
Structural and Magnetic Phase Transitions near Optimal Superconductivity in
D Hu, X Lu, W Zhang, H Luo, S Li, P Wang, G Chen, F Han, SR Banjara, ...
Physical review letters 114 (15), 157002, 2015
Superconductivity in fluoride-arsenide Sr1-xLaxFeAsF compounds
X Zhu, F Han, P Cheng, G Mu, B Shen, L Fang, HH Wen
Europhysics Letters 85 (1), 17011, 2009
High ambipolar mobility in cubic boron arsenide
J Shin, GA Gamage, Z Ding, K Chen, F Tian, X Qian, J Zhou, H Lee, ...
Science 377 (6604), 437-440, 2022
Quantized thermoelectric Hall effect induces giant power factor in a topological semimetal
F Han, N Andrejevic, T Nguyen, V Kozii, QT Nguyen, T Hogan, Z Ding, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 6167, 2020
Concurrence of superconductivity and structure transition in Weyl semimetal TaP under pressure
Y Li, Y Zhou, Z Guo, F Han, X Chen, P Lu, X Wang, C An, Y Zhou, J Xing, ...
npj Quantum Materials 2 (1), 66, 2017
Synthesis, structural, and transport properties of the hole-doped superconductor Pr 1− x Sr x FeAsO
G Mu, B Zeng, X Zhu, F Han, P Cheng, B Shen, HH Wen
Physical Review B 79 (10), 104501, 2009
Metastable superconducting state in quenched K x Fe2− y Se2
F Han, H Yang, B Shen, ZY Wang, CH Li, HH Wen
Philosophical Magazine 92 (19-21), 2553-2562, 2012
Separation of electron and hole dynamics in the semimetal LaSb
F Han, J Xu, AS Botana, ZL Xiao, YL Wang, WG Yang, DY Chung, ...
Physical Review B 96 (12), 125112, 2017
Tuning the Magnetic Properties of New Layered Iron Chalcogenides (BaF)2Fe2–xQ3 (Q = S, Se) by Changing the Defect Concentration on the Iron Sublattice
M Sturza, JM Allred, CD Malliakas, DE Bugaris, F Han, DY Chung, ...
Chemistry of materials 27 (9), 3280-3290, 2015
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