Kyuwoong Hwang
Kyuwoong Hwang
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Emergency handling system using informative alarm sound
Y Cho, T Kim, M Jin, KW Hwang, SI Park, HM Cho, D Kim
US Patent 9,171,450, 2015
Method and apparatus for controlling access to applications having different security levels
S Yun, T Kim, JC Cho, MK Park, KW Hwang
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Method and apparatus for controlling voice activation
S Yun, M Jin, T Kim, KW Hwang
US Patent 9,892,729, 2018
Augmented reality with sound and geometric analysis
K You, T Kim, K Hwang, M Jin, HM Cho, TW Lee
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Mobile device sleep monitoring using environmental sound
K Hwang, TW Lee, K You, T Kim
US Patent App. 12/904,950, 2012
Method and apparatus for adjusting detection threshold for activating voice assistant function
M Lee, T Kim, KW Hwang, M Jin
US Patent 9,240,182, 2016
Mobile fax machine with image stitching and degradation removal processing
TW Lee, K Hwang, K You, T Kim, HI Koo
US Patent App. 13/194,872, 2013
Extraction and analysis of buffered audio data using multiple codec rates each greater than a low-power processor rate
KW Hwang, K You, M Jin, PJ Shah, K Chan, T Kim
US Patent 9,992,745, 2018
Query-by-example on-device keyword spotting
B Kim, M Lee, J Lee, Y Kim, K Hwang
2019 IEEE automatic speech recognition and understanding workshop (ASRU …, 2019
Environmental audio scene and activity recognition through mobile-based crowdsourcing
K Hwang, SY Lee
IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 58 (2), 700-705, 2012
Method and apparatus for selectively providing information on objects in a captured image
S Yun, KW Hwang, JC Cho, T Kim, M Jin, Y Cho, K Kim
US Patent 9,292,764, 2016
System and method for recognizing environmental sound
KW Hwang, T Kim, K You
US Patent 9,443,511, 2016
Method and apparatus for grouping client devices based on context similarity
T Kim, KW Hwang
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Determining audio event based on location information
KW Hwang, Y Cho, JC Cho, M Sunkuk
US Patent 10,134,422, 2018
Apparatus and method for speech recognition based on sound source separation and sound source identification
H Cho, SK Park, J Park, SH Kim, I Lee, K Hwang, HB Jeon, Y Lee
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Subspectral normalization for neural audio data processing
S Chang, H Park, J Cho, H Park, S Yun, K Hwang
ICASSP 2021-2021 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and …, 2021
Method and apparatus for controlling access to electronic devices
MK Park, T Kim, S Yun, KW Hwang, JC Cho
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Selecting good speech features for recognition
Y Lee, KW Hwang
ETRI journal 18 (1), 29-41, 1996
Method and apparatus for establishing connection between electronic devices
K Kim, MK Park, Y Cho, KW Hwang, D Kim
US Patent 9,311,525, 2016
Controlling electronic device based on direction of speech
S Yun, T Kim, DH Kim, K Hwang
US Patent 9,911,416, 2018
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