Bing Wu
Bing Wu
University of chemistry and techonology, Prague
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Synchronous Tailoring Surface Structure and Chemical Composition of Li‐Rich–Layered Oxide for High‐Energy Lithium‐Ion Batteries
B Wu, X Yang, X Jiang, Y Zhang, H Shu, P Gao, L Liu, X Wang
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (37), 1803392, 2018
MnO2 nanosheets grown on the internal/external surface of N-doped hollow porous carbon nanospheres as the sulfur host of advanced lithium-sulfur batteries
M Chen, Q Lu, S Jiang, C Huang, X Wang, B Wu, K Xiang, Y Wu
Chemical Engineering Journal 335, 831-842, 2018
Dual stabilized architecture of hollow Si@ TiO2@ C nanospheres as anode of high-performance Li-ion battery
B Lu, B Ma, X Deng, B Wu, Z Wu, J Luo, X Wang, G Chen
Chemical Engineering Journal 351, 269-279, 2018
Li1.2Ni0.13Co0.13Mn0.54O2 with Controllable Morphology and Size for High Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries
G Wang, L Yi, R Yu, X Wang, Y Wang, Z Liu, B Wu, M Liu, X Zhang, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (30), 25358-25368, 2017
Tailoring bulk Li+ ion diffusion kinetics and surface lattice oxygen activity for high-performance lithium-rich manganese-based layered oxides
R Yu, MN Banis, C Wang, B Wu, Y Huang, S Cao, J Li, S Jamil, X Lin, ...
Energy Storage Materials 37, 509-520, 2021
Biohybrid micro-and nanorobots for intelligent drug delivery
J Li, L Dekanovsky, B Khezri, B Wu, H Zhou, Z Sofer
Cyborg and Bionic Systems, 2022
The influences of surface coating layers on the properties of layered/spinel heterostructured Li-rich cathode material
X Zhang, R Yu, Y Huang, X Wang, Y Wang, B Wu, Z Liu, J Chen
ACS sustainable chemistry & engineering 6 (10), 12969-12979, 2018
Li-rich layered/spinel heterostructured special morphology cathode material with high rate capability for Li-ion batteries
L Yi, Z Liu, R Yu, C Zhao, H Peng, M Liu, B Wu, M Chen, X Wang
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 5 (11), 11005-11015, 2017
Atomically Thin Nanosheets Confined in 2D Heterostructures: Metal‐Ion Batteries Prospective
A Khan, J Azadmanjiri, B Wu, L Liping, Z Sofer, J Min
Advanced Energy Materials 11 (20), 2100451, 2021
High-Entropy NASICON Phosphates (Na3M2(PO4)3 and NaMPO4Ox, M = Ti, V, Mn, Cr, and Zr) for Sodium Electrochemistry
B Wu, G Hou, E Kovalska, V Mazanek, P Marvan, L Liao, L Dekanovsky, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 61 (9), 4092-4101, 2022
Functionalized metallic transition metal dichalcogenide (TaS 2) for nanocomposite membranes in direct methanol fuel cells
H Beydaghi, L Najafi, S Bellani, A Bagheri, B Martín-García, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 9 (10), 6368-6381, 2021
A heterogeneous FeP-CoP electrocatalyst for expediting sulfur redox in high-specific-energy lithium-sulfur batteries
D Zhang, Y Luo, B Wu, P Zeng, C Xiang, C Zhao, Z Sofer, M Chen, ...
Electrochimica Acta 397, 139275, 2021
Graphene-embedded LiMn0. 8Fe0. 2PO4 composites with promoted electrochemical performance for lithium ion batteries
F Wen, P Gao, B Wu, Q Liang, Y Zhang, H Shu, X Yang, L Liu, X Wang
Electrochimica Acta 276, 134-141, 2018
Sub-millimetre scale Van der Waals single-crystal MoTe2 for potassium storage: Electrochemical properties, and its failure and structure evolution mechanisms
B Wu, J Luxa, E Kovalska, M Ivo, H Zhou, R Malek, P Marvan, S Wei, ...
Energy Storage Materials 43, 284-292, 2021
Photocatalytic activity of twist-angle stacked 2D TaS2
E Kovalska, PK Roy, N Antonatos, V Mazanek, M Vesely, B Wu, Z Sofer
npj 2D Materials and Applications 5 (1), 68, 2021
Single-step synthesis of platinoid-decorated phosphorene: perspectives for catalysis, gas sensing, and energy storage
E Kovalska, J Luxa, M Melle-Franco, B Wu, I Marek, PK Roy, P Marvan, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (45), 50516-50526, 2020
Improved Electrochemical Performance of NTs-WS2@C Nanocomposites for Lithium-Ion and Sodium-Ion Batteries
S Wei, M Serra, S Mourdikoudis, H Zhou, B Wu, L Dekanovsky, J Sturala, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 14 (41), 46386-46400, 2022
Electrochemical exfoliation of Janus-like BiTeI nanosheets for electrocatalytic nitrogen reduction
N Antonatos, E Kovalska, V Mazanek, M Vesely, D Sedmidubsky, B Wu, ...
ACS Applied Nano Materials 4 (1), 590-599, 2021
Functionalized germanane/SWCNT hybrid films as flexible anodes for lithium-ion batteries
B Wu, J Šturala, M Veselý, T Hartman, E Kovalska, D Bouša, J Luxa, ...
Nanoscale Advances 3 (15), 4440-4446, 2021
Recent progress of nanotechnology in the research framework of all-solid-state batteries
AK Parameswaran, J Azadmanjiri, N Palaniyandy, B Pal, S Palaniswami, ...
Nano Energy 105, 107994, 2023
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