João Luis Maia Figueirinhas
João Luis Maia Figueirinhas
Professor de Física, Instituto Superior Técnico
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The influence of the preparation methods on the inclusion of model drugs in a β-cyclodextrin cavity
PJ Salústio, G Feio, JL Figueirinhas, JF Pinto, HMC Marques
European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics 71 (2), 377-386, 2009
Deuterium NMR investigation of the biaxial nematic phase in an organosiloxane tetrapode
JL Figueirinhas, C Cruz, D Filip, G Feio, AC Ribeiro, Y Frere, T Meyer, ...
Physical review letters 94 (10), 107802, 2005
Biaxial nematic order and phase behavior studies in an organosiloxane tetrapode using complementary deuterium NMR experiments
C Cruz, JL Figueirinhas, D Filip, G Feio, AC Ribeiro, Y Frere, T Meyer, ...
Physical Review E 78 (5), 051702, 2008
Artificial aging paper to assess long-term effects of conservative treatment. Monitoring by infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and energy dispersive X …
L Hajji, A Boukir, J Assouik, S Pessanha, JL Figueirinhas, ML Carvalho
Microchemical Journal 124, 646-656, 2016
Novel PDLC type display based on cellulose derivatives
MH Godinho, AF Martins, JL Figueirinhas
Liquid Crystals 20 (3), 373-376, 1996
Electro-optical light scattering shutter using electrospun cellulose-based nano-and microfibers
PL Almeida, S Kundu, JP Borges, MH Godinho, JL Figueirinhas
Applied Physics Letters 95 (4), 043501, 2009
Biaxial nematic mesophases from shape‐persistent mesogens with a fluorenone bending unit
M Lehmann, C Köhn, JL Figueirinhas, G Feio, C Cruz, RY Dong
Chemistry–A European Journal 16 (28), 8275-8279, 2010
Deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance studies of alkyl-modified silica
M Gangoda, RK Gilpin, J Figueirinhas
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 93 (12), 4815-4818, 1989
Critical fluctuations and random-anisotropy glass transition in nematic elastomers
G Feio, JL Figueirinhas, AR Tajbakhsh, EM Terentjev
Physical Review B 78 (2), 020201, 2008
Tuneable micro-and nano-periodic structures in a free-standing flexible urethane/urea elastomer film
MH Godinho, AC Trindade, JL Figueirinhas, LV Melo, P Brogueira, ...
The European Physical Journal E 21 (4), 319-330, 2006
New cellulose derivatives composites for electro-optical sensors
I Costa, D Filip, JL Figueirinhas, MH Godinho
Carbohydrate polymers 68 (1), 159-165, 2007
Composite systems for display applications from cellulose elastomers and nematic liquid crystals
MH Godinho, AF Martins, JL Figueirinhas
Optical Materials 9 (1-4), 226-229, 1998
A cellulosic liquid crystal pool for cellulose nanocrystals: Structure and molecular dynamics at high shear rates
C Echeverria, PL Almeida, G Feio, JL Figueirinhas, MH Godinho
European Polymer Journal 72, 72-81, 2015
Liquid crystalline cellulose derivative elastomer films under uniaxial strain
MH Godinho, D Filip, I Costa, AL Carvalho, JL Figueirinhas, EM Terentjev
Cellulose 16 (2), 199-205, 2009
Mechanico-optical effects in a polypropylene oxide/polybutadiene bi-soft segment urethane/urea elastomer
MH Godinho, JL Figueirinhas, CT Zhao, MN de Pinho
Macromolecules 33 (21), 7675-7678, 2000
Cross-linked hydroxypropylcellulose films: mechanical behaviour and electro-optical properties of PDLC type cells
PL Almeida, S Tavares, AF Martins, MH Godinho, MT Cidade, ...
Optical Materials 20 (2), 97-100, 2002
Water-based cellulose liquid crystal system investigated by Rheo-NMR
Y Geng, PL Almeida, GM Feio, JL Figueirinhas, MH Godinho
Macromolecules 46 (11), 4296-4302, 2013
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic investigations of phase biaxiality in the nematic glass of a shape-persistent V-shaped mesogen
JL Figueirinhas, G Feio, C Cruz, M Lehmann, C Köhn, RY Dong
The Journal of chemical physics 133 (17), 174509, 2010
Light shutters from nanocrystalline cellulose rods in a nematic liquid crystal
Y Geng, P Brogueira, JL Figueirinhas, MH Godinho, PL Almeida
Liquid Crystals 40 (6), 769-773, 2013
Shear induced finite orientational order in urethane/urea elastomers
AC Trindade, MH Godinho, JL Figueirinhas
Polymer 45 (16), 5551-5555, 2004
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