Hani Abul Khair
Hani Abul Khair
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Characterization of the Khamaseen (spring) dust in Jordan
AM Abed, M Al Kuisi, H Abul Khair
Atmospheric Environment 43 (18), 2868-2876, 2009
Seismic mapping and geomechanical analyses of faults within deephot granites, a workflow for enhanced geothermal system projects
H Abul Khair, dennis Cooke, martin Hand
Geothermics 53, 46-56, 2015
Paleo stress contribution to fault and natural fracture distribution in the Cooper Basin
HA Khair, D Cooke, M Hand
Journal of Structural Geology 79, 31-41, 2015
Fracture mapping and modelling in shale-gas target in the Cooper basin, South Australia
GVR Backe, H Abul Khair, RC King, SP Holford
Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, 2011
Diagenetic and epigenetic alteration of Cretaceous to Paleogene organic rich sedimentary successions in northwestern Jordan, typical of the western margin of the Arabian Plate
HG Dill, J Kus, AM Abed, RF Sachsenhofer, H Abul Khair
GeoArabia 14 (2), 101-140, 2009
Subsurface mapping of natural fracture networks; A major challenge to be solved. Case study from the shale intervals in the Cooper Basin, South Australia
H Abul Khair, D Cooke, G Backe, R King, M Hand, M Tingay, S Holford
Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering (37th: 2012: Stanford, California), 2012
The effect of present day in situ stresses and paleo-stresses on locating sweet spots in unconventional reservoirs, a case study from Moomba-Big Lake fields, Cooper Basin …
H Abu Khair, D Cooke, M Hand
Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology 3 (4), 207-221, 2013
Unconventional shale hydraulic fracturing under true triaxial laboratory conditions, the value of understanding your reservoir
A Abdelaziz, J Ha, H Abul Khair, M Adams, CP Tan, IH Musa, G Grasselli
SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition?, D011S015R003, 2019
Improving fracture initiation and potential impact on fracture coverage by implementing optimal well-planning and drilling methods for typical stress conditions in the Cooper …
R Johnson, HA Khair, R Jeffrey, J Meyer, C Stark, J Tauchnitz
The APPEA Journal 55 (2), 403-403, 2015
Factors influencing fractures networks within permian shale intervals in the Cooper Basin, South Australia
H Abul Khair, G Backe, R King, S Holford, M Tingay, D Cooke, M Hand
AAPEA 52, 213-228, 2012
Development of calcrete and clinoforms during emergence and flooding of the Late Cenomanian carbonate platform, Jordan
AM Abed, AA Hamad, H Abul Khair, G Kraishan
Facies 59 (4), 829-842, 2013
Seismic attributes and structural interpretation-it takes two to tango
GVR Backe, E Swierczek, JD MacDonald, AHE Bailey, DR Tassone, ...
Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association 51, 437-454, 2011
Integration of In-Situ Stress Analysis and Three-Dimensional Seismic Mapping to Understand Fracture Networks in Australian Basins
RC King, H Abul Khair, AHE Bailey, GVR Backe, SP Holford, MP Hand
Australian Geothermal Energy Conference (4th: 2011: Melbourne, Victoria …, 2011
Preliminary workflow for subsurface fracture mapping using 3D seismic surveys: A case study from the Cooper Basin, South Australia
H Abul Khair, D Cooke, R King, M Hand, M Tingay
Annual Meeting of the Geothermal Resources Council (36th: 2012: Reno, Nevada), 2012
Unexpected behaviors of stimulated fractures in the high-stress Cooper Basin
D Cooke, S Tyiasning, HA Khair
The Leading Edge 35 (1), 78-84, 2016
Marrying seismic attributes and geomechanical analysis for de-risking induced seismicity in unconventional reservoirs
HA Khair, M Adams
EAGE-GSM 2nd Asia Pacific Meeting on Near Surface Geoscience and Engineering …, 2019
Coupling Petrography and Seismic Attributes for Locating Permeable Zones in the Cooper Basin/South Australia, Possible Workflow for Geothermal Projects
Proceedings, Australian Geothermal Energy Conference, 2013
Present-day in-situ stresses versus paleo-stresses for locating sweet spots in unconventional reservoirs
H Abul Khair, D Cooke, Hand, M
APPEA 53, 217-226, 2013
Shale gas prospectivity in South Australia
A Hill, S Menpes, G Backé, H Khair, A Siasitorbaty
The APPEA Journal 51 (2), 718-718, 2011
Seismic Lithofacies for Static Model Building and STOIIP Calculation in Bioturbated Shallow Marine Environments
SB Baharuddin, HA Khair, RA Bekti, AM Ali, B Kantaatmadja, MR Som, ...
SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 2018
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