Mark A. Berrill
Demonstration of high-repetition-rate tabletop soft-x-ray lasers with saturated output at wavelengths down to and gain down to
Y Wang, MA Larotonda, BM Luther, D Alessi, M Berrill, VN Shlyaptsev, ...
Physical Review A—Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 72 (5), 053807, 2005
QMCPACK: an open source ab initio quantum Monte Carlo package for the electronic structure of atoms, molecules and solids
J Kim, AD Baczewski, TD Beaudet, A Benali, MC Bennett, MA Berrill, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 30 (19), 195901, 2018
Phase-coherent, injection-seeded, table-top soft-X-ray lasers at 18.9 nm and 13.9 nm
Y Wang, E Granados, F Pedaci, D Alessi, B Luther, M Berrill, JJ Rocca
Nature photonics 2 (2), 94-98, 2008
Beyond Darcy's law: The role of phase topology and ganglion dynamics for two-fluid flow
RT Armstrong, JE McClure, MA Berrill, M Rücker, S Schlüter, S Berg
Physical Review E 94 (4), 043113, 2016
Saturated high-repetition-rate 18.9-nm tabletop laser in nickellike molybdenum
BM Luther, Y Wang, MA Larotonda, D Alessi, M Berrill, MC Marconi, ...
Optics letters 30 (2), 165-167, 2005
High-brightness injection-seeded soft-x-ray-laser amplifier using a solid target
Y Wang, E Granados, MA Larotonda, M Berrill, BM Luther, D Patel, ...
Physical review letters 97 (12), 123901, 2006
Saturated 13.2? nm high-repetition-rate laser in nickellike cadmium
JJ Rocca, Y Wang, MA Larotonda, BM Luther, M Berrill, D Alessi
Optics Letters 30 (19), 2581-2583, 2005
Geometric state function for two-fluid flow in porous media
JE McClure, RT Armstrong, MA Berrill, S Schlüter, S Berg, WG Gray, ...
Physical Review Fluids 3 (8), 084306, 2018
High-order harmonic generation from ions in a capillary discharge
DM Gaudiosi, B Reagan, T Popmintchev, M Grisham, M Berrill, O Cohen, ...
Physical review letters 96 (20), 203001, 2006
High-average-power, 100-Hz-repetition-rate, tabletop soft-x-ray lasers at sub-15-nm wavelengths
BA Reagan, M Berrill, KA Wernsing, C Baumgarten, M Woolston, ...
Physical Review A 89 (5), 053820, 2014
Measurement of soft-x-ray laser pulses from an injection-seeded plasma amplifier
Y Wang, M Berrill, F Pedaci, MM Shakya, S Gilbertson, Z Chang, ...
Physical Review A—Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 79 (2), 023810, 2009
An assessment of coupling algorithms for nuclear reactor core physics simulations
S Hamilton, M Berrill, K Clarno, R Pawlowski, A Toth, CT Kelley, T Evans, ...
Journal of Computational Physics 311, 241-257, 2016
High repetition rate operation of saturated table-top soft x-ray lasers in transitions of neon-like ions near 30 nm
D Alessi, BM Luther, Y Wang, MA Larotonda, M Berrill, JJ Rocca
Optics Express 13 (6), 2093-2098, 2005
The LBPM software package for simulating multiphase flow on digital images of porous rocks
JE McClure, Z Li, M Berrill, T Ramstad
Computational Geosciences 25, 871-895, 2021
Influence of phase connectivity on the relationship among capillary pressure, fluid saturation, and interfacial area in two-fluid-phase porous medium systems
JE McClure, MA Berrill, WG Gray, CT Miller
Physical Review E 94 (3), 033102, 2016
High-energy 13.9 nm table-top soft-x-ray laser at 2.5 Hz repetition rate excited by a slab-pumped Ti: sapphire laser
DH Martz, D Alessi, BM Luther, Y Wang, D Kemp, M Berrill, JJ Rocca
Optics letters 35 (10), 1632-1634, 2010
Spectral linewidth of a Ne-like Ar capillary discharge soft-x-ray laser and its dependence on amplification beyond gain saturation
L Urbanski, MC Marconi, LM Meng, M Berrill, O Guilbaud, A Klisnick, ...
Physical Review A—Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 85 (3), 033837, 2012
Efficient Excitation of Gain-Saturated Sub-9-nm-Wavelength<? format?> Tabletop Soft-X-Ray Lasers and Lasing Down to 7.36 nm
D Alessi, Y Wang, BM Luther, L Yin, DH Martz, MR Woolston, Y Liu, ...
Physical Review X 1 (2), 021023, 2011
Highly coherent injection-seeded 13.2 nm tabletop soft x-ray laser
F Pedaci, Y Wang, M Berrill, B Luther, E Granados, JJ Rocca
Optics letters 33 (5), 491-493, 2008
Temporal coherence and spectral linewidth of an injection-seeded transient collisional soft x-ray laser
LM Meng, D Alessi, O Guilbaud, Y Wang, M Berrill, BM Luther, ...
Optics Express 19 (13), 12087-12092, 2011
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