andrea remo
andrea remo
AULSS9, Verona (Italy)
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Genetic and epigenetic events generate multiple pathways in colorectal cancer progression
M Pancione, A Remo, V Colantuoni
Pathology research international 2012 (1), 509348, 2012
Leptin/HER2 crosstalk in breast cancer: in vitro study and preliminary in vivoanalysis
E Fiorio, A Mercanti, M Terrasi, R Micciolo, A Remo, A Auriemma, ...
BMC cancer 8, 1-11, 2008
Genotypic Intratumoral Heterogeneity in Breast Carcinoma With HER2/neu Amplification: Evaluation According to ASCO/CAP Criteria
M Brunelli, E Manfrin, G Martignoni, K Miller, A Remo, D Reghellin, ...
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Immune escape mechanisms in colorectal cancer pathogenesis and liver metastasis
M Pancione, G Giordano, A Remo, A Febbraro, L Sabatino, E Manfrin, ...
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HER-2/neu assessment in breast cancer using the original FDA and new ASCO/CAP guideline recommendations: impact on selecting patients for herceptin therapy
M Brunelli, E Manfrin, G Martignoni, S Bersani, A Remo, D Reghellin, ...
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Morphology and molecular features of rare colorectal carcinoma histotypes
A Remo, M Fassan, A Vanoli, LR Bonetti, V Barresi, F Tatangelo, R Gafà, ...
Cancers 11 (7), 1036, 2019
Nox1 expression determines cellular reactive oxygen and modulates c-fos-induced growth factor, interleukin-8, and Cav-1
RS Arnold, J He, A Remo, D Ritsick, Q Yin-Goen, JD Lambeth, MW Datta, ...
The American journal of pathology 171 (6), 2021-2032, 2007
Targeting angiogenesis and tumor microenvironment in metastatic colorectal cancer: role of aflibercept
G Giordano, A Febbraro, M Venditti, S Campidoglio, N Olivieri, K Raieta, ...
Gastroenterology research and practice 2014 (1), 526178, 2014
Cancer-related CD15/FUT4 overexpression decreases benefit to agents targeting EGFR or VEGF acting as a novel RAF-MEK-ERK kinase downstream regulator in metastatic colorectal cancer
G Giordano, A Febbraro, E Tomaselli, ML Sarnicola, P Parcesepe, ...
Journal of experimental & clinical cancer research 34, 1-11, 2015
Risk of neoplastic transformation in asymptomatic radial scar. Analysis of 117 cases
E Manfrin, A Remo, F Falsirollo, D Reghellin, F Bonetti
Breast cancer research and treatment 107, 371-377, 2008
Role of molecular markers in diagnosis and prognosis of renal cell carcinoma.
G Martignoni, M Brunelli, S Gobbo, A Remo, V Ficarra, P Cossu-Rocca, ...
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Ensemble of gene signatures identifies novel biomarkers in colorectal cancer activated through PPARγ and TNFα signaling
SM Pagnotta, C Laudanna, M Pancione, L Sabatino, C Votino, A Remo, ...
PLoS One 8 (8), e72638, 2013
Immunohistochemical evaluation of mismatch repair proteins in colorectal carcinoma: the AIFEG/GIPAD proposal.
A Remo, M Fassan, G Lanza
Pathologica 108 (3), 104-109, 2016
Expression of aromatase and estrogen receptors in human adrenocortical tumors
L Barzon, G Masi, M Pacenti, M Trevisan, F Fallo, A Remo, G Martignoni, ...
Virchows Archiv 452, 181-191, 2008
ZAP-70 expression, as detected by immunohistochemistry on bone marrow biopsies from early-phase CLL patients, is a strong adverse prognostic factor
R Zanotti, A Ambrosetti, M Lestani, P Ghia, C Pattaro, A Remo, F Zanetti, ...
Leukemia 21 (1), 102-109, 2007
Association between macroscopically visible tissue samples and diagnostic accuracy of EUS-guided through-the-needle microforceps biopsy sampling of pancreatic cystic lesions
SF Crinò, L Bernardoni, L Brozzi, L Barresi, G Malleo, R Salvia, L Frulloni, ...
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t (6; 11) renal cell carcinoma: a study of seven cases including two with aggressive behavior, and utility of CD68 (PG-M1) in the differential diagnosis with pure epithelioid …
A Caliò, M Brunelli, D Segala, S Pedron, R Tardanico, A Remo, S Gobbo, ...
Modern Pathology 31 (3), 474-487, 2018
Systems biology analysis reveals NFAT5 as a novel biomarker and master regulator of inflammatory breast cancer
A Remo, I Simeone, M Pancione, P Parcesepe, P Finetti, L Cerulo, ...
Journal of translational medicine 13, 1-13, 2015
Comprehensive analysis of 34 MiT family translocation renal cell carcinomas and review of the literature: investigating prognostic markers and therapy targets
A Caliò, M Brunelli, D Segala, S Pedron, A Remo, S Ammendola, ...
Pathology 52 (3), 297-309, 2020
Current prognostic and predictive biomarkers for gastrointestinal tumors in clinical practice
M Fassan, A Scarpa, A Remo, G De Maglio, G Troncone, A Marchetti, ...
Pathologica 112 (3), 248, 2020
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