Feiran Huang
Feiran Huang
Jinan University
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Image–text sentiment analysis via deep multimodal attentive fusion
F Huang, X Zhang, Z Zhao, J Xu, Z Li
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Bi-directional spatial-semantic attention networks for image-text matching
F Huang, X Zhang, Z Zhao, Z Li
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Label-aware graph convolutional networks
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Multi-task travel route planning with a flexible deep learning framework
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Z Liu, J Weng, J Guo, J Ma, F Huang, H Sun, Y Cheng
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Visual question answering via Attention-based syntactic structure tree-LSTM
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Adversarial Learning With Multi-Modal Attention for Visual Question Answering
Y Liu, X Zhang, F Huang, L Cheng, Z Li
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2020
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