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Thomas Stjernegaard Jeppesen
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The UNITE database for molecular identification of fungi: handling dark taxa and parallel taxonomic classifications
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Danish fungi 2020-not just another image recognition dataset
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The UNITE database for molecular identification and taxonomic communication of fungi and other eukaryotes: sequences, taxa and classifications reconsidered
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Cortinarius (pers.) gray
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Automatic fungi recognition: deep learning meets mycology
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Fungi recognition: A practical use case
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Cortinarius sect. Riederi: taxonomy and phylogeny of the new section with European and North American distribution
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Subgen. Phlegmacium (Fr.) Trog
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Funga Nordica, 2nd revised edition. Agaricoid, boletoid, clavarioid …, 2012
Cortinarius koldingensis—a new species of Cortinarius, subgenus Phlegmacium related to Cortinarius sulfurinus
TG Frøslev, TS Jeppesen, B Dima
Mycological Progress 14, 1-7, 2015
Cortinarius prodigiosus—a new species of the subgenus Phlegmacium from Central Europe
J Borovička, B Bušek, M Mikšík, D Dvořák, TS Jeppesen, B Dima, L Albert, ...
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Three new species of Cortinarius subgenus Phlegmacium
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Danish Mycological Society, fungal records database
TG Frøslev, J Heilmann-Clausen, C Lange, T Læssøe, JH Petersen, ...
Cortinarius parasuaveolens (= C. pseudogracilior): new data and a synonymy of a very poorly known species of section Calochroi
M Clericuzio, F Dovana, JM Bellanger, TE Brandrud, B Dima, TG Frøslev, ...
Sydowia 69, 215-228, 2017
Knoldslørhatte som indikatorarter gennem 20 år (1991–2011)
TG Frøslev, TS Jeppesen
Svampe 64, 34-45, 2011
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