Yan-Feng Wang (王艳锋)
Yan-Feng Wang (王艳锋)
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Tunable and active phononic crystals and metamaterials
YF Wang, YZ Wang, B Wu, W Chen, YS Wang
Applied Mechanics Reviews 72 (4), 040801, 2020
Large bandgaps of two-dimensional phononic crystals with cross-like holes
YF Wang, YS Wang, XX Su
Journal of Applied Physics 110 (11), 2011
Wave propagation in two-dimensional viscoelastic metamaterials
YF Wang, YS Wang, V Laude
Physical Review B 92 (10), 104110, 2015
Tunable Broadband Reflective Acoustic Metasurface
BA YS Wang SW Fan, SD Zhao, AL Chen, YF Wang
Physical Review Applied 11 (4), 044038, 2019
Reconfigurable curved metasurface for acoustic cloaking and illusion
SW Fan, SD Zhao, L Cao, Y Zhu, AL Chen, YF Wang, K Donda, YS Wang, ...
Physical Review B 101 (2), 024104, 2020
Multiple wide complete bandgaps of two-dimensional phononic crystal slabs with cross-like holes
YF Wang, YS Wang
Journal of Sound and Vibration 332 (8), 2019-2037, 2013
Complete bandgaps in two-dimensional phononic crystal slabs with resonators
YF Wang, YS Wang
Journal of Applied Physics 114 (4), 2013
Design of acoustic/elastic phase gradient metasurfaces: principles, functional elements, tunability, and coding
AL Chen, YS Wang, YF Wang, HT Zhou, SM Yuan
Applied Mechanics Reviews 74 (2), 020801, 2022
Uniaxial ratchetting of polymer and polymer matrix composites: time-dependent experimental observations
G Kang, Y Liu, Y Wang, Z Chen, W Xu
Materials Science and Engineering: A 523 (1-2), 13-20, 2009
Guiding and splitting Lamb waves in coupled-resonator elastic waveguides
YF Wang, TT Wang, JP Liu, YS Wang, V Laude
Composite Structures 206, 588-593, 2018
Bandgaps and directional propagation of elastic waves in two-dimensional square zigzag lattice structures
YF Wang, YS Wang, C Zhang
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 47 (48), 485102, 2014
Seismic metamaterials: Generating low-frequency bandgaps induced by inertial amplification
Y Zeng, L Cao, S Wan, T Guo, YF Wang, QJ Du, B Assouar, YS Wang
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 221, 107224, 2022
Complete bandgap in three-dimensional holey phononic crystals with resonators
YF Wang, YS Wang
Journal of Vibration and Acoustics 135 (4), 041009, 2013
Acoustic vortices with high-order orbital angular momentum by a continuously tunable metasurface
SW Fan, YF Wang, L Cao, Y Zhu, AL Chen, B Vincent, B Assouar, ...
Applied Physics Letters 116 (16), 2020
Reducing symmetry in topology optimization of two-dimensional porous phononic crystals
HW Dong, YS Wang, YF Wang, C Zhang
AIP Advances 5 (11), 117149, 2015
Tunable fluid-filled phononic metastrip
TT Wang, YF Wang, YS Wang, V Laude
Applied Physics Letters 111 (4), 2017
Reconfigurable phononic-crystal circuits formed by coupled acoustoelastic resonators
YF Wang, TT Wang, YS Wang, V Laude
Physical Review Applied 8 (1), 014006, 2017
Effects of Poisson’s ratio on the band gaps and defect states in two-dimensional vacuum/solid porous phononic crystals
XX Su, YF Wang, YS Wang
Ultrasonics 52 (2), 255-265, 2012
Two-dimensional ternary locally resonant phononic crystals with a comblike coating
YF Wang, YS Wang, L Wang
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 47 (1), 015502, 2013
Broadband tunable lossy metasurface with independent amplitude and phase modulations for acoustic holography
SW Fan, Y Zhu, L Cao, YF Wang, AL Chen, A Merkel, YS Wang, ...
Smart Materials and Structures 29 (10), 105038, 2020
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