Steven Olmschenk
Steven Olmschenk
Associate Professor of Physics, Denison University
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Random numbers certified by Bell’s theorem
S Pironio, A Acín, S Massar, AB de La Giroday, DN Matsukevich, P Maunz, ...
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Entanglement of single-atom quantum bits at a distance
DL Moehring, P Maunz, S Olmschenk, KC Younge, DN Matsukevich, ...
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Quantum teleportation between distant matter qubits
S Olmschenk, DN Matsukevich, P Maunz, D Hayes, LM Duan, C Monroe
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Manipulation and detection of a trapped hyperfine qubit
S Olmschenk, KC Younge, DL Moehring, DN Matsukevich, P Maunz, ...
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Bell inequality violation with two remote atomic qubits
DN Matsukevich, P Maunz, DL Moehring, S Olmschenk, C Monroe
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Scaling and suppression of anomalous heating in ion traps
L Deslauriers, S Olmschenk, D Stick, WK Hensinger, J Sterk, C Monroe
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Ion trap in a semiconductor chip
D Stick, WK Hensinger, S Olmschenk, MJ Madsen, K Schwab, C Monroe
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Quantum interference of photon pairs from two remote trapped atomic ions
P Maunz, DL Moehring, S Olmschenk, KC Younge, DN Matsukevich, ...
Nature Physics 3 (8), 538-541, 2007
T-junction ion trap array for two-dimensional ion shuttling, storage, and manipulation
WK Hensinger, S Olmschenk, D Stick, D Hucul, M Yeo, M Acton, ...
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Entanglement of atomic qubits using an optical frequency comb
D Hayes, DN Matsukevich, P Maunz, D Hucul, Q Quraishi, S Olmschenk, ...
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On the transport of atomic ions in linear and multidimensional ion trap arrays
D Hucul, M Yeo, WK Hensinger, J Rabchuk, S Olmschenk, C Monroe
arXiv preprint quant-ph/0702175, 2007
Heralded quantum gate between remote quantum memories
P Maunz, S Olmschenk, D Hayes, DN Matsukevich, LM Duan, C Monroe
Physical review letters 102 (25), 250502, 2009
Measurement of the lifetime of the 6 p P 2 1/2 o level of Yb+
S Olmschenk, D Hayes, DN Matsukevich, P Maunz, DL Moehring, ...
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Randomized benchmarking of atomic qubits in an optical lattice
S Olmschenk, R Chicireanu, KD Nelson, JV Porto
New Journal of Physics 12 (11), 113007, 2010
Protocols and techniques for a scalable atom–photon quantum network
L Luo, D Hayes, TA Manning, DN Matsukevich, P Maunz, S Olmschenk, ...
Fortschritte der Physik 57 (11‐12), 1133-1152, 2009
Differential Light-Shift Cancellation in a Magnetic-Field-Insensitive Transition of
R Chicireanu, KD Nelson, S Olmschenk, N Lundblad, A Derevianko, ...
Physical review letters 106 (6), 063002, 2011
Efficient photoionization loading of trapped ions with ultrafast pulses
L Deslauriers, M Acton, BB Blinov, KA Brickman, PC Haljan, ...
Physical Review A 74 (6), 063421, 2006
Quantum logic between distant trapped ions
S Olmschenk, D Hayes, DN Matsukevich, P Maunz, DL Moehring, ...
International Journal of Quantum Information 8 (01n02), 337-394, 2010
Laser ablation production of ba, ca, dy, er, la, lu, and yb ions
S Olmschenk, P Becker
Applied Physics B 123, 1-6, 2017
Analysis of photon-mediated entanglement between distinguishable matter qubits
AM Dyckovsky, S Olmschenk
Physical Review A 85 (5), 052322, 2012
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