Jere Tolvanen
Jere Tolvanen
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First-time migration in juvenile common cuckoos documented by satellite tracking
ML Vega, M Willemoes, RL Thomson, J Tolvanen, J Rutila, P Samaš, ...
PloS one 11 (12), e0168940, 2016
Cuckoo parasitism in a cavity nesting host: near absent egg‐rejection in a northern redstart population under heavy apparent (but low effective) brood parasitism
RL Thomson, J Tolvanen, JT Forsman
Journal of Avian Biology 47 (3), 363-370, 2016
Interspecific information on predation risk affects nest site choice in a passerine bird
J Tolvanen, JT Seppänen, M Mönkkönen, RL Thomson, H Ylönen, ...
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The effect of climate change on avian offspring production: A global meta-analysis
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Reducing cuckoo parasitism risk via informed habitat choices
J Tolvanen, JT Forsman, RL Thomson
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VM Pakanen, J Karvonen, J Mäkelä, JP Hietaniemi, T Jaakkonen, ...
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Information collected during the post-breeding season guides future breeding decisions in a migratory bird
J Tolvanen, C Morosinotto, JT Forsman, RL Thomson
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Choice of nest attributes as a frontline defense against brood parasitism
A Moreras, J Tolvanen, C Morosinotto, E Bussiere, J Forsman, ...
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Quantitative genetics of the use of conspecific and heterospecific social cues for breeding site choice
J Tolvanen, SM Kivelä, B Doligez, J Morinay, L Gustafsson, P Bijma, ...
Evolution 74 (10), 2332-2347, 2020
Apparent survival, territory turnover and site fidelity rates in Northern Goshawk Accipiter gentilis populations close to the northern range limit
J Tolvanen, VM Pakanen, J Valkama, R Tornberg
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Do large‐scale associations in birds imply biotic interactions or environmental filtering?
M Elo, MH Kajanus, J Tolvanen, V Devictor, JT Forsman, A Lehikoinen, ...
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JT Forsman, SM Kivelä, J Tolvanen, OJ Loukola
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Breeding near heterospecifics as a defence against brood parasites: can redstarts lower probability of cuckoo parasitism using neighbours?
A Moreras, J Tolvanen, R Tornberg, M Mönkkönen, JT Forsman, ...
Oecologia 199 (4), 871-883, 2022
Common cuckoo female host selection is not determined by host quality but can affect cuckoo nestling growth when parasitising Common redstarts
T Abaurrea, A Moreras, J Tolvanen, RL Thomson, R Thorogood
bioRxiv, 2024.03. 11.583276, 2024
Inter-specific variation of maternal thyroid hormones associate with migration, mode of development, and captivity: a phylogenetic comparative analysis
BY Hsu, VM Pakanen, W Boner, T Eeva, B Doligez, TGG Groothuis, ...
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Informed habitat choice in the heterogeneous world: ecological implications and evolutionary potential
J Tolvanen
University of Oulu, 2018
The effects of winter weather and food abundance on the survival of the northern goshawk
J Tolvanen
J. Tolvanen, 2013
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