José R. Zubizarreta
José R. Zubizarreta
Associate Professor, Harvard University
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Stable weights that balance covariates for estimation with incomplete outcome data
JR Zubizarreta
Journal of the American Statistical Association 110 (511), 910-922, 2015
Anesthesia technique, mortality, and length of stay after hip fracture surgery
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JR Zubizarreta
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Enhancing a geographic regression discontinuity design through matching to estimate the effect of ballot initiatives on voter turnout
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Designing an observational study to be less sensitive to unmeasured biases: Effect of the 2010 chilean earthquake on posttraumatic stress
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Suicide prediction models: a critical review of recent research with recommendations for the way forward
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RR Kelz, CE Reinke, JR Zubizarreta, M Wang, P Saynisch, ...
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Optimal multilevel matching in clustered observational studies: A case study of the effectiveness of private schools under a large-scale voucher system
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Predicting posttraumatic stress disorder following a natural disaster
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Handling limited overlap in observational studies with cardinality matching
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Dissonant conclusions when testing the validity of an instrumental variable
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An examination of early transfers to the ICU based on a physiologic risk score
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Strong control of the familywise error rate in observational studies that discover effect modification by exploratory methods
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Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 29 (4), 744-757, 2020
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