Ana Ruiz-Frau
Ana Ruiz-Frau
Instituto Mediterraneo de Estudios Avanzados
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Pathways to bridge the biophysical realism gap in ecosystem services mapping approaches
S Lavorel, A Bayer, A Bondeau, S Lautenbach, A Ruiz-Frau, N Schulp, ...
Ecological Indicators 74, 241-260, 2017
Spatially explicit economic assessment of cultural ecosystem services: Non-extractive recreational uses of the coastal environment related to marine biodiversity
A Ruiz-Frau, H Hinz, G Edwards-Jones, MJ Kaiser
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Current state of seagrass ecosystem services: research and policy integration
A Ruiz-Frau, S Gelcich, IE Hendriks, CM Duarte, N Marba
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Mapping stakeholder values for coastal zone management
A Ruiz-Frau, G Edwards-Jones, MJ Kaiser
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Marine and coastal ecosystem services on the science–policy–practice nexus: challenges and opportunities from 11 European case studies
EG Drakou, C Kermagoret, C Liquete, A Ruiz-Frau, K Burkhard, AI Lillebø, ...
International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services …, 2017
Using graph theory and social media data to assess cultural ecosystem services in coastal areas: Method development and application
A Ruiz-Frau, A Ospina-Alvarez, S Villasante, P Pita, I Maya-Jariego, ...
Ecosystem Services 45, 101176, 2020
A multidisciplinary approach in the design of marine protected areas: Integration of science and stakeholder based methods
A Ruiz-Frau, HP Possingham, G Edwards-Jones, CJ Klein, D Segan, ...
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Multi-scale spatial variability in fish assemblages associated with Posidonia oceanica meadows in the Western Mediterranean Sea
J Moranta, M Palmer, G Morey, A Ruiz, B Morales-Nin
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Citizen science in data and resource-limited areas: A tool to detect long-term ecosystem changes
A Gouraguine, J Moranta, A Ruiz-Frau, H Hinz, O Reñones, SCA Ferse, ...
PLoS One 14 (1), e0210007, 2019
Improving ecosystem assessments in Mediterranean social-ecological systems: A DPSIR analysis
MV Balzan, AM Pinheiro, A Mascarenhas, A Morán-Ordóñez, A Ruiz-Frau, ...
Ecosystems and People 15 (1), 136-155, 2019
Jellytoring: real-time jellyfish monitoring based on deep learning object detection
M Martin-Abadal, A Ruiz-Frau, H Hinz, Y Gonzalez-Cid
Sensors 20 (6), 1708, 2020
Social media data for environmental sustainability: A critical review of opportunities, threats, and ethical use
A Ghermandi, J Langemeyer, D Van Berkel, F Calcagni, Y Depietri, ...
One Earth 6 (3), 236-250, 2023
Contributions of marine area-based management tools to the UN sustainable development goals
E Gissi, F Maes, Z Kyriazi, A Ruiz-Frau, CF Santos, B Neumann, ...
Journal of cleaner production 330, 129910, 2022
Sociocultural valuation of ecosystem services for operational ecosystem management: mapping applications by decision contexts in Europe
A Walz, K Schmidt, A Ruiz-Frau, KA Nicholas, A Bierry, A de Vries Lentsch, ...
Regional Environmental Change 19, 2245-2259, 2019
The use of sociocultural valuation in sustainable environmental management
A Ruiz-Frau, T Krause, N Marbà
Ecosystem services 29, 158-167, 2018
Balancing extractive and non-extractive uses in marine conservation plans
A Ruiz-Frau, MJ Kaiser, G Edwards-Jones, CJ Klein, D Segan, ...
Marine Policy 52, 11-18, 2015
In the blind-spot of governance–stakeholder perceptions on seagrasses to guide the management of an important ecosystem services provider
A Ruiz-Frau, T Krause, N Marbà
Science of the Total Environment 688, 1081-1091, 2019
A Graph Theory approach to assess nature’s contribution to people at a global scale
S de Juan, A Ospina-Alvarez, S Villasante, A Ruiz-Frau
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 9118, 2021
Creating space, aligning motivations, and building trust
HA Schoonover, A Grêt-Regamey, MJ Metzger, A Ruiz-Frau, ...
Ecology and Society 24 (1), 2019
Impacts of jellyfish presence on tourists’ holiday destination choices and their willingness to pay for mitigation measures
A Ruiz-Frau
Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 66 (10), 2107-2125, 2023
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