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Nuclear and mitochondrial DNA sequence data reveal the evolutionary history of Barbus (Cyprinidae) in the ancient lake systems of the Balkans
S Marková, R Šanda, A Crivelli, S Shumka, IF Wilson, J Vukić, P Berrebi, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 55 (2), 488-500, 2010
Genetic architecture of trout from Albania as revealed by mtDNA control region variation
A Snoj, S Marić, P Berrebi, AJ Crivelli, S Shumka, S Sušnik
Genetics Selection Evolution 41 (1), 22, 2009
An approach to mapping soil erosion by water with application to Albania
S Grazhdani, S Shumka
Desalination 213 (1-3), 263-272, 2007
Assessing the effect of agricultural land abandonment on bird communities in southern-eastern Europe
S Zakkak, A Radovic, SC Nikolov, S Shumka, L Kakalis, V Kati
Journal of environmental management 164, 171-179, 2015
A multilocus assessment of nuclear and mitochondrial sequence data elucidates phylogenetic relationships among European spirlins (Alburnoides, Cyprinidae)
S Stierandová, J Vukić, ED Vasil’eva, S Zogaris, S Shumka, K Halačka, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 94, 479-491, 2016
Distribution of loach fishes (Cobitidae, Nemacheilidae) in Albania, with genetic analysis of populations of Cobitis ohridana
R Sanda, J Vukic, L Choleva, J Krízek, A Sedivá, S Shumka, IF Wilson
Folia Zoologica 57 (1/2), 42, 2008
Identification of non-native freshwater fishes in Albania and assessment of their potential threats to the national biological freshwater diversity
S Shumka, A Paparisto, S Grazhdani
Proceedings Balwois Conference 40, 1-6, 2008
Current status of the Dalmatian pelican and the great white pelican populations of the Black Sea/Mediterranean flyway
G Catsadorakis, O Onmuş, S Bugariu, O Gül, D Hatzilacou, O Hatzofe, ...
Endangered Species Research 27 (2), 119-130, 2015
Endangered Fish Species in Balkan Rivers: their distributions and threats from hydropower development
S Weiss, A Apostolou, S Đug, Z Marčić, M Mušović, A Oikonomou, ...
„Save the Blue Heart of Europe “campaign (www. balkanrivers. net) organized …, 2018
Conservation status of the critically endangered balkan lynx in Albania and Macedonia
G Ivanov, A Stojanov, D Melovski, V Avukatov, E Keçi, A Trajçe, S Shumka, ...
Proceedings of the III congress of ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia …, 2008
Feeding relations of Eudiaptomus gracilis (SARS) and influence on some parameters of their life cycle in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia
S Shumka
Internationale Vereinigung für theoretische und angewandte Limnologie …, 2001
Zooplankton composition and distribution across coastal and offshore waters off Albania (Southern Adriatic) in late spring
M Miloslavić, D Lučić, J Njire, B Gangai, I Onofri, R Garić, M Žarić, ...
Acta Adriatica: international journal of Marine Sciences 53 (2), 165-178, 2012
The spatial and temporal variability of limnological properties of Bovilla reservoir (Albania)
L Shuka, A Çullaj, S Shumka, A Miho, S Duka, R Bachofen
Water resources management 25 (12), 3027-3039, 2011
Fishes of River Vjosa—an annotated checklist
S Shumka, P Meulenbroek, F Schiemer, R Šanda
Acta ZooBot Austria 155, 163-176, 2018
Rotifers in the littoral zone of Lake Shkodra/Skadar (Albania–Montenegro) as a tool for determining water quality
S Shumka
International Research Journal of Biological Sciences 3 (3), 71-77, 2014
Limnological study on a newly built drinking water reservoir near Tirana, Albania
A Çullaj, S Duka, A Emiri, E Koni, A Miho, B Murtaj, S Shumka, ...
Environmental monitoring and assessment 182 (1-4), 215-232, 2011
Nutrient inputs, trophic status and water management challenges in the transboundary Lake Skadar/Shkodra, Western Balkans
E Skarbøvik, A Perović, S Shumka, US Nagothu
Archives of Biological Sciences 66 (2), 667-681, 2014
First reconnaissance of habitat partitioning and fish diversity in the alluvial zone of the river Vjosa, Albania
P Meulenbroek, S Shumka, F Schiemer
Acta ZooBot Austria 155, 177-186, 2018
The Vjosa catchment–a natural heritage
S Shumka, F Bego, S Beqiraj, A Paparisto, L Kashta, A Miho, O Nika, ...
Acta ZooBot Austria 155, 349-375, 2018
Role of fungi in the deterioration of mural frescoes in the post Byzantine Churches
L Shumka, S Shumka, E Mamoci
Jokul 67, 35-44, 2017
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