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Spase Shumka
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Nuclear and mitochondrial DNA sequence data reveal the evolutionary history of Barbus (Cyprinidae) in the ancient lake systems of the Balkans
S Marková, R Šanda, A Crivelli, S Shumka, IF Wilson, J Vukić, P Berrebi, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 55 (2), 488-500, 2010
Genetic architecture of trout from Albania as revealed by mtDNA control region variation
A Snoj, S Marić, P Berrebi, AJ Crivelli, S Shumka, S Sušnik
Genetics Selection Evolution 41 (1), 1-11, 2009
An approach to mapping soil erosion by water with application to Albania
S Grazhdani, S Shumka
Desalination 213 (1-3), 263-272, 2007
Assessing the effect of agricultural land abandonment on bird communities in southern-eastern Europe
S Zakkak, A Radovic, SC Nikolov, S Shumka, L Kakalis, V Kati
Journal of environmental management 164, 171-179, 2015
Distribution of loach fishes (Cobitidae, Nemacheilidae) in Albania, with genetic analysis of populations of Cobitis ohridana
R Sanda, J Vukic, L Choleva, J Krízek, A Sedivá, S Shumka, IF Wilson
Folia Zoologica 57 (1/2), 42, 2008
A multilocus assessment of nuclear and mitochondrial sequence data elucidates phylogenetic relationships among European spirlins (Alburnoides, Cyprinidae)
S Stierandová, J Vukić, ED Vasil’eva, S Zogaris, S Shumka, K Halačka, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 94, 479-491, 2016
Identification of non-native freshwater fishes in Albania and assessment of their potential threats to the national biological freshwater diversity
S Shumka, A Paparisto, S Grazhdani
Proceedings Balwois Conference 40, 1-6, 2008
Current status of the Dalmatian pelican and the great white pelican populations of the Black Sea/Mediterranean flyway
G Catsadorakis, O Onmuş, S Bugariu, O Gül, D Hatzilacou, O Hatzofe, ...
Endangered Species Research 27 (2), 119-130, 2015
Endangered Fish Species in Balkan Rivers: their distributions and threats from hydropower development
S Weiss, A Apostolou, S Đug, Z Marčić, M Mušović, A Oikonomou, ...
Riverwatch & EuroNatur 162, 2018
Conservation status of the critically endangered balkan lynx in Albania and Macedonia
G Ivanov, A Stojanov, D Melovski, V Avukatov, E Keçi, A Trajçe, S Shumka, ...
Proceedings of the III congress of ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia …, 2008
Zooplankton composition and distribution across coastal and offshore waters off Albania (Southern Adriatic) in late spring
M MILOSLAVIĆ, D LUČIĆ, J Njire, B Gangai, I Onofri, R GARIĆ, M Žarić, ...
Acta Adriatica: International journal of Marine Sciences 53 (2), 165-178, 2012
Feeding relations of Eudiaptomus gracilis (SARS) and influence on some parameters of their life cycle in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia
S Shumka
Internationale Vereinigung für theoretische und angewandte Limnologie …, 2001
The Vjosa catchment–a natural heritage
S Shumka, F Bego, S Beqiraj, A Paparisto, L Kashta, A Miho, O Nika, ...
Acta ZooBot Austria 155, 349-376, 2018
Rotifers in the littoral zone of Lake Shkodra/Skadar (Albania–Montenegro) as a tool for determining water quality
S Shumka
International Research Journal of Biological Sciences 3 (3), 71-77, 2014
The spatial and temporal variability of limnological properties of Bovilla reservoir (Albania)
L Shuka, A Çullaj, S Shumka, A Miho, S Duka, R Bachofen
Water resources management 25 (12), 3027-3039, 2011
Current knowledge on the status of the most common non-indigenous fish species in the transboundary Greater Prespa Lake (Albanian Side)
S Shumka, A Apostolou
Acta Zool Bulgar 70, 203-209, 2018
Fishes of River Vjosa–an annotated checklist
S Shumka, P Meulenbroek, F Schiemer, R Šanda
Acta ZooBot Austria 155, 163-176, 2018
Nutrient inputs, trophic status and water management challenges in the transboundary Lake Skadar/Shkodra, Western Balkans
E Skarbøvik, A Perović, S Shumka, US Nagothu
Archives of Biological Sciences 66 (2), 667-681, 2014
Limnological study on a newly built drinking water reservoir near Tirana, Albania
A Çullaj, S Duka, A Emiri, E Koni, A Miho, B Murtaj, S Shumka, ...
Environmental monitoring and assessment 182 (1), 215-232, 2011
Rivers water life and the responses of possible hydropower’s to be constructed in the water courses of Vjosa, Semani and Drini in Albania
S Shumka, L Shuka, S Mali
BALWOIS 25, 1-8, 2010
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