Denis N. Sidorov
Denis N. Sidorov
Professor of Russian Academy of Sciences
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Integral dynamical models: singularities, signals and control
D Sidorov
World Scientific, 2015
Suppression of moiré patterns via spectral analysis
DN Sidorov, AC Kokaram
Visual Communications and Image Processing 2002 4671, 895-906, 2002
Development of an intelligent system for preventing large-scale emergencies in power systems
M Negnevitsky, N Voropai, V Kurbatsky, N Tomin, D Panasetsky
2013 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, 1-5, 2013
Volterra equations of the first kind with discontinuous kernels in the theory of evolving systems control
D Sidorov
arXiv preprint arXiv:1111.5903, 2011
Convex majorants method in the theory of nonlinear Volterra equations
DN Sidorov, NA Sidorov
Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis 6 (1), 1-10, 2012
Random forest based model for preventing large-scale emergencies in power systems
N Tomin, A Zhukov, D Sidorov, V Kurbatsky, D Panasetsky, V Spiryaev
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence 13 (1), 211-228, 2015
Методы анализа интегральных динамических моделей
ДН Сидоров
Изд-во ИГУ, 2013
On the neural network approach for forecasting of nonstationary time series on the basis of the Hilbert-Huang transform
VG Kurbatskii, DN Sidorov, VA Spiryaev, NV Tomin
Automation and remote control 72 (7), 1405-1414, 2011
Intelligent coordinated operation and emergency control in electric power systems
NI Voropai, IN Kolosok, VG Kurbatsky, PV Etingov, NV Tomin, ES Korkina, ...
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 43 (1), 198-203, 2010
A combined forecasting approach with model self-adjustment for renewable generations and energy loads in smart community
Y Li, Z Wen, Y Cao, Y Tan, D Sidorov, D Panasetsky
Energy 129, 216-227, 2017
A modular multilevel converter type solid state transformer with internal model control method
Y Li, J Han, Y Cao, Y Li, J Xiong, D Sidorov, D Panasetsky
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 85, 153-163, 2017
Solvability of systems of integral Volterra equations of the first kind with piecewise continuous kernels
DN Sidorov
Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii. Matematika, 62-72, 2013
Generalized solutions of Volterra integral equations of the first kind
NA Sidorov, MV Falaleev, DN Sidorov
Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society 29 (2), 2006
On parametric families of solutions of Volterra integral equations of the first kind with piecewise smooth kernel
DN Sidorov
Differential equations 49 (2), 210-216, 2013
Probabilistic approaches for the digital restoration of television archives
R Bornard
Numeric solution of Volterra integral equations of the first kind with discontinuous kernels
I Muftahov, A Tynda, D Sidorov
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 313, 119-128, 2017
Random Forest Based Approach for Concept Drift Handling
AV Zhukov, DN Sidorov, AM Foley
International Conference on Analysis of Images, Social Networks and Texts …, 2017
A controllably inductive filtering method with transformer-integrated linear reactor for power quality improvement of shipboard power system
Y Li, Y Peng, F Liu, D Sidorov, D Panasetsky, C Liang, L Luo, Y Cao
IEEE transactions on power delivery 32 (4), 1817-1827, 2016
On impulsive control of nonlinear dynamical systems based on the Volterra series
D Sidorov
2011 10th International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering …, 2011
Small solutions of nonlinear differential equations near branching points
NA Sidorov, DN Sidorov
Russian Mathematics 55 (5), 43, 2011
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