Rafael Muñoz-Mas
Rafael Muñoz-Mas
Institute of Aquatic Ecology (University of Girona)
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Potential impacts of climate change on flow regime and fish habitat in mountain rivers of the south-western Balkans
C Papadaki, K Soulis, R Muñoz-Mas, F Martinez-Capel, S Zogaris, ...
Science of the Total Environment 540, 418-428, 2016
Assessment of brown trout habitat suitability in the Jucar River Basin (SPAIN): comparison of data-driven approaches with fuzzy-logic models and univariate suitability curves
R Muñoz-Mas, F Martínez-Capel, M Schneider, AM Mouton
Science of the Total Environment 440, 123-131, 2012
Random forests to evaluate biotic interactions in fish distribution models
P Vezza, R Muñoz-Mas, F Martinez-Capel, A Mouton
Environmental Modelling & Software 67, 173-183, 2015
Habitat suitability modelling at mesohabitat scale and effects of dam operation on the endangered Júcar nase, Parachondrostoma arrigonis (river Cabriel, Spain)
RMS Costa, F Martínez‐Capel, R Muñoz‐Mas, JD Alcaraz‐Hernández, ...
River Research and Applications 28 (6), 740-752, 2012
Shifts in the suitable habitat available for brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) under short-term climate change scenarios
R Muñoz-Mas, A Lopez-Nicolas, F Martinez-Capel, M Pulido-Velazquez
Science of the Total Environment 544, 686-700, 2016
Determination of environmental flows in rivers using an integrated hydrological-hydrodynamic-habitat modelling approach
A Stamou, A Polydera, G Papadonikolaki, F Martinez-Capel, ...
Journal of environmental management 209, 273-285, 2018
Generalized additive and fuzzy models in environmental flow assessment: A comparison employing the West Balkan trout (Salmo farioides; Karaman, 1938)
R Muñoz-Mas, C Papadaki, F Martinez-Capel, S Zogaris, L Ntoanidis, ...
Ecological Engineering 91, 365-377, 2016
Assessing hydromorphological and floristic patterns along a regulated Mediterranean river: The Serpis River (Spain)
V Garófano-Gómez, F Martinez-Capel, MM Peredo Parada, ...
Limnetica 30 (2), 307-328, 2011
Application of Probabilistic Neural Networks to microhabitat suitability modelling for adult brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) in Iberian rivers
R Muñoz-Mas, F Martínez-Capel, V Garófano-Gómez, AM Mouton
Environmental Modelling & Software 59, 30-43, 2014
Waning habitats due to climate change: the effects of changes in streamflow and temperature at the rear edge of the distribution of a cold-water fish
JM Santiago, R Muñoz-Mas, J Solana-Gutiérrez, D García de Jalón, ...
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 21 (8), 4073-4101, 2017
Habitat hydraulic modelling for environmental flow restoration in upland streams in Greece
C Papadaki, L Ntoanidis, S Zogaris, F Martinez-Capel, R Muñoz-Mas, ...
12th International Conference on Protection and Restoration of the …, 2014
Determining the macroinvertebrate community indicators and relevant environmental predictors of the Hun-Tai River Basin (Northeast China): A study based on community patterning
M Zhang, R Muñoz-Mas, F Martínez-Capel, X Qu, H Zhang, W Peng, X Liu
Science of the Total Environment 634, 749-759, 2018
Comparing four methods for decision-tree induction: A case study on the invasive Iberian gudgeon (Gobio lozanoi; Doadrio and Madeira, 2004)
R Muñoz-Mas, S Fukuda, P Vezza, F Martínez-Capel
Ecological Informatics 34, 22-34, 2016
Exploring the key drivers of riparian woodland successional pathways across three European river reaches
R Muñoz‐Mas, V Garófano‐Gómez, I Andrés‐Doménech, D Corenblit, ...
Ecohydrology 10 (8), e1888, 2017
On species distribution modelling, spatial scales and environmental flow assessment with Multi–Layer Perceptron Ensembles: A case study on the redfin barbel (Barbus haasi …
R Munoz-Mas, F Martínez-Capel, JD Alcaraz-Hernández, AM Mouton
Limnologica 62, 161-172, 2017
Risk of invasion predicted with support vector machines: A case study on northern pike (Esox Lucius, L.) and bleak (Alburnus alburnus, L.)
R Muñoz-Mas, P Vezza, JD Alcaraz-Hernández, F Martínez-Capel
Ecological Modelling 342, 123-134, 2016
Can multilayer perceptron ensembles model the ecological niche of freshwater fish species?
R Muñoz-Mas, F Martinez-Capel, JD Alcaraz-Hernández, AM Mouton
Ecological Modelling 309, 72-81, 2015
Revisiting probabilistic neural networks: A comparative study with support vector machines and the microhabitat suitability for the Eastern Iberian chub (Squalius valentinus)
R Muñoz-Mas, S Fukuda, J Pórtoles, F Martinez-Capel
Ecological Informatics 43, 24-37, 2018
Application of the physical habitat simulation for fish species to assess environmental flows in an Atlantic Forest Stream in South-eastern Brazil
MR Costa, TM Mattos, VH Fernandes, F Martínez-Capel, R Muñoz-Mas, ...
Neotropical Ichthyology 13, 685-698, 2015
Alien animal introductions in Iberian inland waters: An update and analysis
R Muñoz-Mas, E García-Berthou
Science of the Total Environment 703, 134505, 2020
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