Giulia Menichetti
Giulia Menichetti
Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital
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Weighted multiplex networks
G Menichetti, D Remondini, P Panzarasa, RJ Mondragón, G Bianconi
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The unmapped chemical complexity of our diet
AL Barabási, G Menichetti, J Loscalzo
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Emergent complex network geometry
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Network controllability is determined by the density of low in-degree and out-degree nodes
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Control of multilayer networks
G Menichetti, L Dall’Asta, G Bianconi
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Systems medicine of inflammaging
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Correlations between weights and overlap in ensembles of weighted multiplex networks
G Menichetti, D Remondini, G Bianconi
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Network integration of multi-tumour omics data suggests novel targeting strategies
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A systematic comprehensive longitudinal evaluation of dietary factors associated with acute myocardial infarction and fatal coronary heart disease
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Entropy-based network representation of the individual metabolic phenotype
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Multiscale characterization of ageing and cancer progression by a novel network entropy measure
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Exploring food contents in scientific literature with FoodMine
F Hooton, G Menichetti, AL Barabási
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Identification of potent inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 infection by combined pharmacological evaluation and cellular network prioritization
JJ Patten, PT Keiser, D Morselli-Gysi, G Menichetti, H Mori, CJ Donahue, ...
Iscience 25 (9), 104925, 2022
Network measures for protein folding state discrimination
G Menichetti, P Fariselli, D Remondini
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Machine learning prediction of food processing
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Node centrality measures identify relevant structural MRI features of subjects with autism
M Zanghieri, G Menichetti, A Retico, S Calderoni, G Castellani, ...
Brain sciences 11 (4), 498, 2021
Statistical strategies and stochastic predictive models for the MARK-AGE data
E Giampieri, D Remondini, MG Bacalini, P Garagnani, C Pirazzini, ...
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Entropy of a network ensemble: definitions and applications to genomic data
G Menichetti, D Remondini
Entropy of a Network Ensemble: Definitions and Applications to Genomic Data …, 2014
Nutrient concentrations in food display universal behaviour
G Menichetti, AL Barabási
Nature Food 3 (5), 375-382, 2022
Two-Step Optimization of Envelope Design for the Reduction of Building Energy Demand
A Barbaresi, G Menichetti, E Santolini, D Torreggiani, P Tassinari
Proceedings of Building Simulation 2019: 16th conference IBPSA 16, 3055-3062, 2019
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