Colin Hong An Wong
Colin Hong An Wong
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Graphane and hydrogenated graphene
M Pumera, CHA Wong
Chemical Society Reviews 42 (14), 5987-5995, 2013
Graphene and its electrochemistry–an update
A Ambrosi, CK Chua, NM Latiff, AH Loo, CHA Wong, AYS Eng, A Bonanni, ...
Chemical Society Reviews 45 (9), 2458-2493, 2016
Synthetic routes contaminate graphene materials with a whole spectrum of unanticipated metallic elements
CHA Wong, Z Sofer, M Kubešová, J Kučera, S Matějková, M Pumera
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (38), 13774-13779, 2014
Synthesis of water-tolerant indium homoenolate in aqueous media and its application in the synthesis of 1, 4-dicarbonyl compounds via palladium-catalyzed coupling with acid …
ZL Shen, KKK Goh, HL Cheong, CHA Wong, YC Lai, YS Yang, TP Loh
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (45), 15852-15855, 2010
Thermally reduced graphenes exhibiting a close relationship to amorphous carbon
CHA Wong, A Ambrosi, M Pumera
Nanoscale 4 (16), 4972-4977, 2012
Graphene oxide nanoribbons from the oxidative opening of carbon nanotubes retain electrochemically active metallic impurities
CHA Wong, CK Chua, B Khezri, RD Webster, M Pumera
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (33), 8685-8688, 2013
Direct Synthesis of Water‐Tolerant Alkyl Indium Reagents and Their Application in Palladium‐Catalyzed Couplings with Aryl Halides
ZL Shen, KKK Goh, YS Yang, YC Lai, CHA Wong, HL Cheong, TP Loh
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 50 (2), 511-514, 2011
Vacuum-assisted microwave reduction/exfoliation of graphite oxide and the influence of precursor graphite oxide
CHA Wong, O Jankovský, Z Sofer, M Pumera
Carbon 77, 508-517, 2014
Synthesis and application of a recyclable ionic liquid-supported imidazolidinone catalyst in enantioselective 1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition
ZL Shen, KKK Goh, CHA Wong, WY Loo, YS Yang, J Lu, TP Loh
Chemical communications 48 (47), 5856-5858, 2012
Direct synthesis of ester-containing indium homoenolate and its application in palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling with aryl halide
ZL Shen, KKK Goh, CHA Wong, YS Yang, YC Lai, HL Cheong, TP Loh
Chemical Communications 47 (16), 4778-4780, 2011
Highly conductive graphene nanoribbons from the reduction of graphene oxide nanoribbons with lithium aluminium hydride
CHA Wong, M Pumera
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (5), 856-863, 2014
Palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling of indium homoenolate with aryl halide with wide functional group compatibility
ZL Shen, YC Lai, CHA Wong, KKK Goh, YS Yang, HL Cheong, TP Loh
Organic letters 13 (3), 422-425, 2011
So‐Called “Metal‐Free” Oxygen Reduction at Graphene Nanoribbons is in fact Metal Driven
L Wang, CHA Wong, B Kherzi, RD Webster, M Pumera
ChemCatChem 7 (11), 1650-1654, 2015
Microwave Exfoliation of Graphite Oxides in H2S Plasma for the Synthesis of Sulfur-Doped Graphenes as Oxygen Reduction Catalysts
CHA Wong, Z Sofer, K Klímová, M Pumera
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (46), 31849-31855, 2016
Stripping voltammetry at chemically modified graphenes
CHA Wong, M Pumera
RSC advances 2 (14), 6068-6072, 2012
Electrochemical delamination and chemical etching of chemical vapor deposition graphene: contrasting properties
CHA Wong, M Pumera
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (8), 4682-4690, 2016
Surfactants show both large positive and negative effects on observed electron transfer rates at thermally reduced graphenes
CHA Wong, M Pumera
Electrochemistry communications 22, 105-108, 2012
Geographical and geological origin of natural graphite heavily influence the electrical and electrochemical properties of chemically modified graphenes
CHA Wong, Z Sofer, M Pumera
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (23), 8435-8440, 2015
Unscrolling of multi-walled carbon nanotubes: towards micrometre-scale graphene oxide sheets
CHA Wong, M Pumera
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (20), 7755-7759, 2013
On reproducibility of preparation of basal plane pyrolytic graphite electrode surface
CHA Wong, M Pumera
Electrochemistry communications 13 (10), 1054-1059, 2011
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