Thomas Weise
Thomas Weise
Institute of Applied Optimization, Hefei University
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Global Optimization Algorithms – Theory and Application
T Weise
Self-Published, 2009
Self-adaptive learning based particle swarm optimization
Y Wang, B Li, T Weise, J Wang, B Yuan, Q Tian
Information Sciences 181 (20), 4515-4538, 2011
Large-scale global optimization using cooperative coevolution with variable interaction learning
W Chen, T Weise, Z Yang, K Tang
International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature, 300-309, 2010
Estimation of distribution and differential evolution cooperation for large scale economic load dispatch optimization of power systems
Y Wang, B Li, T Weise
Information Sciences 180 (12), 2405-2420, 2010
Variants of evolutionary algorithms for real-world applications
R Chiong, T Weise
Springer, 2012
Why is optimization difficult?
T Weise, M Zapf, R Chiong, AJ Nebro
Nature-Inspired Algorithms for Optimisation, 1-50, 2009
Evolutionary optimization: Pitfalls and booby traps
T Weise, R Chiong, K Tang
Journal of Computer Science and Technology 27 (5), 907-936, 2012
Different approaches to semantic web service composition
T Weise, S Bleul, D Comes, K Geihs
Internet and Web Applications and Services, 2008. ICIW'08. Third …, 2008
Benchmarking Optimization Algorithms: An Open Source Framework for the Traveling Salesman Problem
T Weise, R Chiong, J Lassig, K Tang, S Tsutsui, W Chen, Z Michalewicz, ...
Computational Intelligence Magazine, IEEE 9 (3), 40-52, 2014
WSC-2009: a quality of service-oriented web services challenge
S Kona, A Bansal, MB Blake, S Bleul, T Weise
Commerce and Enterprise Computing, 2009. CEC'09. IEEE Conference on, 487-490, 2009
WSC-08: continuing the web services challenge
A Bansal, MB Blake, S Kona, S Bleul, T Weise, MC Jaeger
E-Commerce Technology and the Fifth IEEE Conference on Enterprise Computing …, 2008
Evolutionary optimization
C Blum, R Chiong, M Clerc, K De Jong, Z Michalewicz, F Neri, T Weise
Variants of Evolutionary Algorithms for Real-World Applications, 1-29, 2012
Perspectives on the Field of Cognitive Informatics and its Future Development
Y Wang, BC Widrow, B Zhang, W Kinsner, K Sugawara, F Sun, J Lu, ...
International Journal of Cognitive Informatics and Natural Intelligence …, 2011
An efficient local search heuristic with row weighting for the unicost set covering problem
C Gao, X Yao, T Weise, J Li
European Journal of Operational Research 246 (3), 750-761, 2015
Evolving distributed algorithms with genetic programming
T Weise, K Tang
Evolutionary Computation, IEEE Transactions on 16 (2), 242-265, 2012
Multiobjective genetic programming for maximizing ROC performance
P Wang, K Tang, T Weise, EPK Tsang, X Yao
Neurocomputing 125, 102-118, 2014
An ontology for quality-aware service discovery
S Bleul, T Weise, K Geihs
Computer Systems Science and Engineering 21 (4), 227, 2006
Margin-based over-sampling method for learning from imbalanced datasets
X Fan, K Tang, T Weise
Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 309-320, 2011
Social Networking, Teaching, and Learning
J Jovanovic, R Chiong, T Weise
Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management 7, 2012
Solving real-world vehicle routing problems with evolutionary algorithms
T Weise, A Podlich, C Gorldt
Natural Intelligence for Scheduling, Planning and Packing Problems, 29-53, 2009
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