David Aveline
David Aveline
Research Technologist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech
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Observation of Bose–Einstein condensates in an Earth-orbiting research lab
DC Aveline, JR Williams, ER Elliott, C Dutenhoffer, JR Kellogg, JM Kohel, ...
Nature 582 (7811), 193-197, 2020
NASA’s Cold Atom Lab (CAL): system development and ground test status
ER Elliott, MC Krutzik, JR Williams, RJ Thompson, DC Aveline
npj Microgravity 4 (1), 16, 2018
High power single frequency 780nm laser source generated from frequency doubling of a seeded fiber amplifier in a cascade of PPLN crystals
RJ Thompson, M Tu, DC Aveline, N Lundblad, L Maleki
Optics Express 11 (14), 1709-1713, 2003
Stabilizing an optoelectronic microwave oscillator with photonic filters
D Strekalov, D Aveline, N Yu, R Thompson, AB Matsko, L Maleki
Journal of lightwave technology 21 (12), 3052-3061, 2003
Shell potentials for microgravity Bose–Einstein condensates. npj Microgravity 5
N Lundblad, RA Carollo, C Lannert, MJ Gold, X Jiang, D Paseltiner, ...
Apr 30, 51, 2019
Comparison of single event transients generated at four pulsed-laser test facilities-NRL, IMS, EADS, JPL
S Buchner, N Roche, J Warner, D McMorrow, F Miller, S Morand, ...
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 59 (4), 988-998, 2012
Observation of ultracold atomic bubbles in orbital microgravity
RA Carollo, DC Aveline, B Rhyno, S Vishveshwara, C Lannert, ...
Nature 606 (7913), 281-286, 2022
Whispering gallery mode resonators augmented with engraved diffraction gratings
DC Aveline, LM Baumgartel, G Lin, N Yu
Optics Letters 38 (3), 284-286, 2013
A compact high-efficiency cold atom beam source
JR Kellogg, D Schlippert, JM Kohel, RJ Thompson, DC Aveline, N Yu
Applied Physics B 109, 61-64, 2012
Breakdown of scale invariance in the vicinity of the Tonks-Girardeau limit
ZD Zhang, GE Astrakharchik, DC Aveline, S Choi, H Perrin, TH Bergeman, ...
Physical Review A 89 (6), 063616, 2014
Thermodynamics in expanding shell-shaped Bose-Einstein condensates
B Rhyno, N Lundblad, DC Aveline, C Lannert, S Vishveshwara
Physical Review A 104 (6), 063310, 2021
Two-species cold atomic beam
N Lundblad, DC Aveline, RJ Thompson, JM Kohel, J Ramirez-Serrano, ...
JOSA B 21 (1), 3-6, 2004
Focused ion beam engineered whispering gallery mode resonators with open cavity structure
DC Aveline, L Baumgartel, B Ahn, N Yu
Optics express 20 (16), 18091-18096, 2012
Longitudinal coherence in cold atom interferometry
JR Kellogg, N Yu, JM Kohel, RJ Thompson, DC Aveline, L Maleki
Journal of Modern Optics 54 (16-17), 2533-2540, 2007
Perspective on quantum bubbles in microgravity
N Lundblad, DC Aveline, A Balaž, E Bentine, NP Bigelow, P Boegel, ...
Quantum Science and Technology 8 (2), 024003, 2023
Supercritical CO2 Cleaning for planetary protection and contamination control
Y Lin, F Zhong, D Aveline, M Anderson, S Chung, J Mennella, W Schubert
2010 IEEE Aerospace Conference, 1-6, 2010
Micro-slotted whispering gallery mode resonators for optomechanical applications
DC Aveline, DV Strekalov, N Yu
Applied Physics Letters 105 (2), 2014
Cold atom laboratory mission system design
M Soriano, D Aveline, M Mckee, K Virkler, C Yamamoto, A Sengupta
2014 IEEE Aerospace Conference, 1-11, 2014
Rock and mineral weathering experiments under model Venus conditions
DC Aveline, WJ Abbey, M Choukroun, AH Treiman, MD Dyar, SE Smrekar, ...
Lunar Planet Sci Conf 42, 2165, 2011
Sample tube seal testing for mars sample return
P Younse, K Acord, D Aveline, X Bao, L Beegle, D Berisford, P Bhandari, ...
2014 IEEE Aerospace Conference, 1-19, 2014
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