Sanju Sinha
Sanju Sinha
National Cancer Institute
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Big data in basic and translational cancer research
P Jiang, S Sinha, K Aldape, S Hannenhalli, C Sahinalp, E Ruppin
Nature Reviews Cancer 22 (11), 625-639, 2022
In vitro and in vivo identification of clinically approved drugs that modify ACE2 expression
S Sinha, K Cheng, AA Schäffer, K Aldape, E Schiff, E Ruppin
Molecular systems biology 16 (7), e9628, 2020
Synthetic lethality-mediated precision oncology via the tumor transcriptome
JS Lee, NU Nair, G Dinstag, L Chapman, Y Chung, K Wang, S Sinha, ...
Cell 184 (9), 2487-2502. e13, 2021
Identification of drugs associated with reduced severity of COVID-19–a case-control study in a large population
A Israel, AA Schäffer, A Cicurel, K Cheng, S Sinha, E Schiff, I Feldhamer, ...
Elife 10, e68165, 2021
A systematic genome-wide mapping of oncogenic mutation selection during CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing
S Sinha, K Barbosa, K Cheng, MDM Leiserson, P Jain, A Deshpande, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 6512, 2021
AXL and error-prone DNA replication confer drug resistance and offer strategies to treat EGFR-mutant lung cancer
A Noronha, N Belugali Nataraj, JS Lee, B Zhitomirsky, Y Oren, S Oster, ...
Cancer discovery 12 (11), 2666-2683, 2022
A Division of Labor between YAP and TAZ in Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer
M Shreberk-Shaked, B Dassa, S Sinha, S Di Agostino, I Azuri, ...
Cancer research 80 (19), 4145-4157, 2020
Higher prevalence of homologous recombination deficiency in tumors from African Americans versus European Americans
S Sinha, KA Mitchell, A Zingone, E Bowman, N Sinha, AA Schäffer, ...
Nature Cancer 1 (1), 112-121, 2020
Genome‐scale metabolic modeling reveals SARS‐CoV‐2‐induced metabolic changes and antiviral targets
K Cheng, L Martin‐Sancho, LR Pal, Y Pu, L Riva, X Yin, S Sinha, NU Nair, ...
Molecular systems biology 17 (11), e10260, 2021
Recurrent PTPRT/JAK2 mutations in lung adenocarcinoma among African Americans
KA Mitchell, N Nichols, W Tang, J Walling, H Stevenson, M Pineda, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 5735, 2019
Immune determinants of the association between tumor mutational burden and immunotherapy response across cancer types
N Sinha, S Sinha, C Valero, AA Schäffer, K Aldape, K Litchfield, TA Chan, ...
Cancer research 82 (11), 2076-2083, 2022
Whole-exome profiling of NSCLC among African Americans
RF Arauz, JS Byun, M Tandon, S Sinha, S Kuhn, S Taylor, A Zingone, ...
Journal of Thoracic Oncology 15 (12), 1880-1892, 2020
Dysregulation of HNF1B/Clusterin axis enhances disease progression in a highly aggressive subset of pancreatic cancer patients
S Yang, W Tang, A Azizian, J Gaedcke, P Ströbel, L Wang, H Cawley, ...
Carcinogenesis 43 (12), 1198-1210, 2022
The GPCR–Gαs–PKA signaling axis promotes T cell dysfunction and cancer immunotherapy failure
VH Wu, BS Yung, F Faraji, R Saddawi-Konefka, Z Wang, AT Wenzel, ...
Nature immunology 24 (8), 1318-1330, 2023
Clinically oriented prediction of patient response to targeted and immunotherapies from the tumor transcriptome
G Dinstag, ED Shulman, E Elis, DS Ben-Zvi, O Tirosh, E Maimon, ...
Med 4 (1), 15-30. e8, 2023
The landscape of receptor-mediated precision cancer combination therapy via a single-cell perspective
S Ahmadi, P Sukprasert, R Vegesna, S Sinha, F Schischlik, N Artzi, ...
Nature communications 13 (1), 1613, 2022
MCP-1/CCR2 axis inhibition sensitizes the brain microenvironment against melanoma brain metastasis progression
S Pozzi, A Scomparin, D Ben-Shushan, E Yeini, P Ofek, AD Nahmad, ...
JCI insight 7 (17), 2022
A comprehensive map of alternative polyadenylation in African American and European American lung cancer patients
A Zingone, S Sinha, M Ante, C Nguyen, D Daujotyte, ED Bowman, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 5605, 2021
Membrane-tethered mucin 1 is stimulated by interferon and virus infection in multiple cell types and inhibits influenza a virus infection in human airway epithelium
E Iverson, K Griswold, D Song, TB Gagliardi, K Hamidzadeh, M Kesimer, ...
MBio 13 (4), e01055-22, 2022
Prediction of cancer treatment response from histopathology images through imputed transcriptomics
DT Hoang, G Dinstag, LC Hermida, DS Ben-Zvi, E Elis, K Caley, ...
Research Square, 2022
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