René van Bevern
René van Bevern
Novosibirsk State University and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
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Parameterized algorithmics for finding connected motifs in biological networks
N Betzler, R van Bevern, MR Fellows, C Komusiewicz, R Niedermeier
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, IEEE/ACM Transactions on 8 (5 …, 2011
Interval scheduling and colorful independent sets
R Van Bevern, M Mnich, R Niedermeier, M Weller
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Parameterized complexity of machine scheduling: 15 open problems
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Chapter 2: The Complexity of Arc Routing Problems
R van Bevern, R Niedermeier, M Sorge, M Weller
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Approximation and tidying—a problem kernel for s-plex cluster vertex deletion
R van Bevern, H Moser, R Niedermeier
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Towards optimal and expressive kernelization for d-hitting set
R Van Bevern
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A new view on Rural Postman based on Eulerian Extension and Matching
M Sorge, R Van Bevern, R Niedermeier, M Weller
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A parameterized approximation algorithm for the mixed and windy capacitated arc routing problem: Theory and experiments
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From few components to an Eulerian graph by adding arcs
M Sorge, R Van Bevern, R Niedermeier, M Weller
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Measuring indifference: Unit interval vertex deletion
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R van Bevern, R Bredereck, L Bulteau, C Komusiewicz, N Talmon, ...
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A parameterized complexity view on non-preemptively scheduling interval-constrained jobs: few machines, small looseness, and small slack
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Exploiting hidden structure in selecting dimensions that distinguish vectors
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H-index manipulation by merging articles: Models, theory, and experiments
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Network-based vertex dissolution
R Van Bevern, R Bredereck, J Chen, V Froese, R Niedermeier, ...
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Partitioning perfect graphs into stars
R Van Bevern, R Bredereck, L Bulteau, J Chen, V Froese, R Niedermeier, ...
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Parameterizing edge modification problems above lower bounds
R van Bevern, V Froese, C Komusiewicz
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Myhill–Nerode methods for hypergraphs
R Van Bevern, RG Downey, MR Fellows, S Gaspers, FA Rosamond
Algorithmica 73 (4), 696-729, 2015
Linear-Time computation of a linear problem kernel for dominating set on planar graphs
R van Bevern, S Hartung, F Kammer, R Niedermeier, M Weller
Parameterized and Exact Computation, 194-206, 2012
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