Conor Redmond
Conor Redmond
Post Doctoral Researcher, Czech Academy of Sciences
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Effects of long-and short-term management on the functional structure of meadows through species turnover and intraspecific trait variability
M Volf, C Redmond, ÁJ Albert, Y Le Bagousse‐Pinguet, P Biella, ...
Oecologia 180, 941-950, 2016
Network reorganization and breakdown of an ant–plant protection mutualism with elevation
NS Plowman, ASC Hood, J Moses, C Redmond, V Novotny, P Klimes, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1850), 20162564, 2017
Quantitative assessment of plant-arthropod interactions in forest canopies: A plot-based approach
M Volf, P Klimeš, GPA Lamarre, CM Redmond, CL Seifert, T Abe, J Auga, ...
PLoS One 14 (10), e0222119, 2019
High specialization and limited structural change in plant‐herbivore networks along a successional chronosequence in tropical montane forest
CM Redmond, J Auga, B Gewa, ST Segar, SE Miller, K Molem, ...
Ecography 42 (1), 162-172, 2019
Variably hungry caterpillars: predictive models and foliar chemistry suggest how to eat a rainforest
ST Segar, M Volf, B Isua, M Sisol, CM Redmond, ME Rosati, B Gewa, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1866), 20171803, 2017
Breeding system and pollination ecology of a potentially invasive alien Clematis vitalba L. in Ireland
CM Redmond, JC Stout
Journal of plant ecology 11 (1), 56-63, 2018
Spatial covariance of herbivorous and predatory guilds of forest canopy arthropods along a latitudinal gradient
O Mottl, P Fibich, P Klimes, M Volf, R Tropek, K Anderson‐Teixeira, ...
Ecology Letters 23 (10), 1499-1510, 2020
Plant-herbivore interactions along ecological gradients in tropical rainforest: Drivers of network structure and specialisation
C Redmond
Jihočeská univerzita, 2019
Quantitative assessment of arthropod plant interactions in forest canopies: a plot based approach
M Volf, P Klimes, G Lamarre, CM Redmond, CL Seifert, T Abe, J Auga, ...
How do terrestrial ant-plant symbiotic networks change with altitude?
T Fayle, N Plowman, A Hood, P Klimes, C Redmond, V Novotny
IUSSI, 2014
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NS Plowman, J Moses, C Redmond, V Novotny, P Klimes, TM Fayle
Pollination biology and fruit dispersal of Alocasia sarawakensis (M. Hotta) Araceae in a lowland rainforest in Borneo
C Redmond, F Etl
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