Srikanth Allu
Srikanth Allu
Computational Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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Internal short circuit and failure mechanisms of lithium-ion pouch cells under mechanical indentation abuse conditions: An experimental study
X Zhu, H Wang, X Wang, Y Gao, S Allu, E Cakmak, Z Wang
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Anomalous discharge product distribution in lithium-air cathodes
J Nanda, H Bilheux, S Voisin, GM Veith, R Archibald, L Walker, S Allu, ...
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Progressive mechanical indentation of large-format Li-ion cells
H Wang, A Kumar, S Simunovic, S Allu, S Kalnaus, JA Turner, JC Helmers, ...
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Probing multiscale transport and inhomogeneity in a lithium-ion pouch cell using in situ neutron methods
H Zhou, K An, S Allu, S Pannala, J Li, HZ Bilheux, SK Martha, J Nanda
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Multiscale modeling and characterization for performance and safety of lithium-ion batteries
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Limiting internal short-circuit damage by electrode partition for impact-tolerant Li-ion batteries
M Naguib, S Allu, S Simunovic, J Li, H Wang, NJ Dudney
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The k-Version of Finite Element Method for Initial Value Problems: Mathematical and Computational Framework
KS Surana, JN Reddy, S Allu
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A generalized multi-dimensional mathematical model for charging and discharging processes in a supercapacitor
S Allu, BV Asokan, WA Shelton, B Philip, S Pannala
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The AMP (Advanced MultiPhysics) nuclear fuel performance code
KT Clarno, B Philip, WK Cochran, RS Sampath, S Allu, P Barai, ...
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Investigation on capacity loss mechanisms of lithium-ion pouch cells under mechanical indentation conditions
X Zhu, H Wang, S Allu, Y Gao, E Cakmak, EJ Hopkins, GM Veith, Z Wang
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High-capacity organic radical mediated phosphorus anode for sodium-based redox flow batteries
EC Self, FM Delnick, RE Ruther, S Allu, J Nanda
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Insight into SEI growth in Li-ion batteries using molecular dynamics and accelerated chemical reactions
L Alzate-Vargas, SM Blau, EWC Spotte-Smith, S Allu, KA Persson, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125 (34), 18588-18596, 2021
Groundwater flow modeling in karst aquifers: Coupling 3d matrix and 1d conduit flow via control volume isogeometric analysis—Experimental verification with a 3D physical model
L Malenica, H Gotovac, G Kamber, S Simunovic, S Allu, V Divic
Water 10 (12), 1787, 2018
A three-dimensional meso-macroscopic model for Li-ion intercalation batteries
S Allu, S Kalnaus, S Simunovic, J Nanda, JA Turner, S Pannala
Journal of Power Sources 325, 42-50, 2016
k‐version of finite element method in gas dynamics: higher‐order global differentiability numerical solutions
KS Surana, S Allu, PW Tenpas, JN Reddy
International journal for numerical methods in engineering 69 (6), 1109-1157, 2007
A minimal information set to enable verifiable theoretical battery research
A Mistry, A Verma, S Sripad, R Ciez, V Sulzer, F Brosa Planella, R Timms, ...
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Least‐squares finite element processes in h, p, k mathematical and computational framework for a non‐linear conservation law
KS Surana, S Allu, JN Reddy, PW Tenpas
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A parallel multi-domain solution methodology applied to nonlinear thermal transport problems in nuclear fuel pins
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Fragmentation of copper current collectors in Li-ion batteries during spherical indentation
H Wang, TR Watkins, S Simunovic, PR Bingham, S Allu, JA Turner
Journal of Power Sources 364, 432-436, 2017
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