Adriano Amaricci
Adriano Amaricci
CNR - IOM, Trieste, Italy
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First-order character and observable signatures of topological quantum phase transitions
A Amaricci, JC Budich, M Capone, B Trauzettel, G Sangiovanni
Physical review letters 114 (18), 185701, 2015
Emergent symmetry in fully relaxed magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene
M Angeli, D Mandelli, A Valli, A Amaricci, M Capone, E Tosatti, M Fabrizio
Physical Review B 98 (23), 235137, 2018
Witnessing the formation and relaxation of dressed quasi-particles in a strongly correlated electron system
F Novelli, G De Filippis, V Cataudella, M Esposito, I Vergara, F Cilento, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 5112, 2014
Field-Driven Mott Gap Collapse and Resistive Switch in Correlated Insulators
G Mazza, A Amaricci, M Capone, M Fabrizio
Physical Review Letter 117, 176401, 2016
Approach to a stationary state in a driven Hubbard model coupled to a thermostat
A Amaricci, C Weber, M Capone, G Kotliar
Phys. Rev. B 86, 085110, 2012
Unraveling the Mott-Peierls intrigue in vanadium dioxide
F Grandi, A Amaricci, M Fabrizio
Physical Review Research 2 (1), 013298, 2020
Extended hubbard model: Charge ordering and wigner-mott transition
A Amaricci, A Camjayi, K Haule, G Kotliar, D Tanasković, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 82 (15), 155102, 2010
Strong correlation effects on topological quantum phase transitions in three dimensions
A Amaricci, JC Budich, M Capone, B Trauzettel, G Sangiovanni
Physical Review B 93 (23), 235112, 2016
Quantum interference assisted spin filtering in graphene nanoflakes
A Valli, A Amaricci, V Brosco, M Capone
Nano letters 18 (3), 2158-2164, 2018
Augmented hybrid exact-diagonalization solver for dynamical mean field theory
C. Weber, A. Amaricci, M. Capone, and PB Littlewood
Phys. Rev. B 86, 115136, 2012
Metal-insulator transitions in the periodic Anderson model
G Sordi, A Amaricci, MJ Rozenberg
Physical review letters 99 (19), 196403, 2007
Edge state reconstruction from strong correlations in quantum spin Hall insulators
A Amaricci, L Privitera, F Petocchi, M Capone, G Sangiovanni, ...
Physical Review B 95 (20), 205120, 2017
Doping-driven metal-insulator transitions and charge orderings in the extended Hubbard model
KJ Kapcia, S Robaszkiewicz, M Capone, A Amaricci
Physical Review B 95 (12), 125112, 2017
Effective magnetic correlations in hole-doped graphene nanoflakes
A Valli, A Amaricci, A Toschi, T Saha-Dasgupta, K Held, M Capone
Physical Review B 94 (24), 245146, 2016
Electronic transport and dynamics in correlated heterostructures
G Mazza, A Amaricci, M Capone, M Fabrizio
Physical Review B 91 (19), 195124, 2015
EDIpack: A parallel exact diagonalization package for quantum impurity problems
A Amaricci, L Crippa, A Scazzola, F Petocchi, G Mazza, L de Medici, ...
Computer Physics Communications 273, 108261, 2022
Interplay between destructive quantum interference and symmetry-breaking phenomena in graphene quantum junctions
A Valli, A Amaricci, V Brosco, M Capone
Physical Review B 100 (7), 075118, 2019
Coexistence of metallic edge states and antiferromagnetic ordering in correlated topological insulators
A Amaricci, A Valli, G Sangiovanni, B Trauzettel, M Capone
Physical Review B 98 (4), 045133, 2018
Inhomogeneous BCS-BEC crossover for trapped cold atoms in optical lattices
A Amaricci, A Privitera, M Capone
Physical Review A 89 (5), 053604, 2014
Non-fermi-liquid behavior in the periodic Anderson model
A. Amaricci, G. Sordi, and MJ Rozenberg
Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 146403, 2008
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