Si-Yu (Shirley) Hu
Si-Yu (Shirley) Hu
CSIRO-Mineral Resources
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Pore characterization and clay bound water assessment in shale with a combination of NMR and low-pressure nitrogen gas adsorption
Y Yuan, R Rezaee, M Verrall, SY Hu, J Zou, N Testmanti
International Journal of Coal Geology 194, 11-21, 2018
Ore-forming processes of the Daqiao epizonal orogenic gold deposit, West Qinling orogen, China: Constraints from textures, trace elements, and sulfur isotopes of pyrite and …
YF Wu, JW Li, K Evans, AE Koenig, ZK Li, H O’Brien, Y Lahaye, K Rempel, ...
Economic Geology 113 (5), 1093-1132, 2018
Raman characterization of carbonaceous material in the Macraes orogenic gold deposit and metasedimentary host rocks, New Zealand
S Hu, K Evans, D Craw, K Rempel, J Bourdet, J Dick, K Grice
Ore Geology Reviews 70, 80-95, 2015
Associations between sulfides, carbonaceous material, gold and other trace elements in polyframboids: Implications for the source of orogenic gold deposits, Otago Schist, New …
SY Hu, K Evans, L Fisher, K Rempel, D Craw, NJ Evans, S Cumberland, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 180, 197-213, 2016
Decoupling of Au and As during rapid pyrite crystallization
YF Wu, K Evans, SY Hu, D Fougerouse, MF Zhou, LA Fisher, ...
Geology 49 (7), 827-831, 2021
Impact of composition on pore structure properties in shale: implications for micro-/mesopore volume and surface area prediction
Y Yuan, R Rezaee, EA Al-Khdheeawi, SY Hu, M Verrall, J Zou, K Liu
Energy & fuels 33 (10), 9619-9628, 2019
Resolving the role of carbonaceous material in gold precipitation in metasediment-hosted orogenic gold deposits
SY Hu, K Evans, D Craw, K Rempel, K Grice
Geology 45 (2), 167-170, 2017
Distribution of trace elements between carbonaceous matter and sulfides in a sediment-hosted orogenic gold system
YF Wu, K Evans, LA Fisher, MF Zhou, SY Hu, D Fougerouse, RR Large, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 276, 345-362, 2020
Growth history of sphalerite in a modern sea floor hydrothermal chimney revealed by electron backscattered diffraction
SY Hu, SJ Barnes, AM Glenn, A Pagès, J Parr, C MacRae, R Binns
Economic Geology 114 (1), 165-176, 2019
Sequestration of Zn into mixed pyrite-zinc sulfide framboids: A key to Zn cycling in the ocean?
SY Hu, K Evans, K Rempel, P Guagliardo, M Kilburn, D Craw, K Grice, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 241, 95-107, 2018
Life on the edge: microbial biomineralization in an arsenic-and lead-rich deep-sea hydrothermal vent
SY Hu, SJ Barnes, A Pagès, J Parr, R Binns, M Verrall, Z Quadir, ...
Chemical Geology 533, 119438, 2020
An experimental method for gold partitioning between two immiscible fluids: Brine and n-dodecane
LS Crede, KU Rempel, SY Hu, KA Evans
Chemical Geology 501, 35-50, 2018
赵健楠, 黄俊, 肖龙, 乔乐, 王江, 胡斯宇
地球科学: 中国地质大学学报 38 (2), 351-361, 2013
Variability of sulfur isotopes and trace metals in pyrites from the upper oceanic crust of the South China Sea basin, implications for sulfur and trace metal cycling in subsurface
SY Hu, XC Wang, L Tian, L Martin, L Schoneveld, SJ Barnes, ...
Chemical Geology 606, 120982, 2022
Recognition of a widespread Paleoproterozoic hydrothermal system in the southern McArthur Basin, northern Australia, by in-situ analysis of fine-grained pyrite and spatially …
S Li, XC Wang, SY Hu, P Guagliardo, M Kilburn, SD Golding, S Rodrigues, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 144, 104834, 2022
Role of carbonaceous material in gold precipitation for orogenic gold deposits: A case study of the Bangbu gold deposit in southern Tibet, China
Z Ding, X Sun, S Hu, H Chen, D Li, Y Fu, L Xu, Z Wu, F Huang
Ore Geology Reviews 152, 105231, 2023
Zinc isotope composition of the Proterozoic clastic-dominated McArthur River Zn-Pb-Ag deposit, northern Australia
RJ Baumgartner, M Kunzmann, S Spinks, X Bian, SG John, TN Blaikie, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 139, 104545, 2021
Chemistry-dependent Raman spectral features of glauconite and nontronite: Implications for mineral identification and provenance analysis
RJ Baumgartner, J Cuadros, J Michalski, B Pejcic, C Laukamp, S Hu, ...
American Mineralogist: Journal of Earth and Planetary Materials 107 (6 …, 2022
Investigation of the Internal Structure of a Modern Seafloor Hydrothermal Chimney With a Combination of EBSD, EPMA, and XRD
M Glenn, S Hu, S Barnes, A Torpy, AE Hughes, CM MacRae, ...
Microscopy and Microanalysis, 1-15, 2020
Pore Characterization and Fluid Distribution Assessment of Gas Shale
Y Yuan, R Rezaee, T Han, M Verrall, SY Hu, J Zou
80th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2018 2018 (1), 1-5, 2018
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