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Suzanne Bevan
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The glaciers climate change initiative: Methods for creating glacier area, elevation change and velocity products
F Paul, T Bolch, A Kääb, T Nagler, C Nuth, K Scharrer, A Shepherd, ...
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Calving rates at tidewater glaciers vary strongly with ocean temperature
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The potential of satellite radar interferometry and feature tracking for monitoring flow rates of Himalayan glaciers
A Luckman, D Quincey, S Bevan
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Evaluation of seven European aerosol optical depth retrieval algorithms for climate analysis
G De Leeuw, T Holzer-Popp, S Bevan, WH Davies, J Descloitres, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 162, 295-315, 2015
Glacier dynamics over the last quarter of a century at Helheim, Kangerdlugssuaq and 14 other major Greenland outlet glaciers
SL Bevan, AJ Luckman, T Murray
The Cryosphere 6 (5), 923-937, 2012
Impact of atmospheric aerosol from biomass burning on Amazon dry‐season drought
SL Bevan, PRJ North, WMF Grey, SO Los, SE Plummer
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Oceanic heat delivery via Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord to the south‐east Greenland ice sheet
ME Inall, T Murray, FR Cottier, K Scharrer, TJ Boyd, KJ Heywood, ...
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Aerosol retrieval experiments in the ESA Aerosol_cci project
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Arctic, antarctic, and alpine research 47 (3), 427-447, 2015
Massive subsurface ice formed by refreezing of ice-shelf melt ponds
B Hubbard, A Luckman, DW Ashmore, S Bevan, B Kulessa, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 11897, 2016
Intense winter surface melt on an Antarctic ice shelf
P Kuipers Munneke, AJ Luckman, SL Bevan, C Smeets, E Gilbert, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 45 (15), 7615-7623, 2018
A global dataset of atmospheric aerosol optical depth and surface reflectance from AATSR
SL Bevan, PRJ North, SO Los, WMF Grey
Remote Sensing of Environment 116, 199-210, 2012
Glacier dynamics at Helheim and Kangerdlugssuaq glaciers, southeast Greenland, since the Little Ice Age
SA Khan, KK Kjeldsen, KH Kjær, S Bevan, A Luckman, A Aschwanden, ...
The Cryosphere 8 (4), 1497-1507, 2014
Brief Communication: Newly developing rift in Larsen C Ice Shelf presents significant risk to stability
D Jansen, AJ Luckman, A Cook, S Bevan, B Kulessa, B Hubbard, ...
The Cryosphere 9 (3), 1223-1227, 2015
Seasonal dynamic thinning at Helheim Glacier
SL Bevan, A Luckman, SA Khan, T Murray
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 415, 47-53, 2015
The impact of föhn winds on surface energy balance during the 2010–2011 melt season over Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctica
JC King, A Kirchgaessner, S Bevan, AD Elvidge, P Kuipers Munneke, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 122 (22), 12,062-12,076, 2017
Decline in surface melt duration on Larsen C ice shelf revealed by the Advanced Scatterometer (ASCAT)
SL Bevan, AJ Luckman, P Kuipers Munneke, B Hubbard, B Kulessa, ...
Earth and Space Science 5 (10), 578-591, 2018
Impact of warming shelf waters on ice mélange and terminus retreat at a large SE Greenland glacier
SL Bevan, AJ Luckman, DI Benn, T Cowton, J Todd
The Cryosphere 13 (9), 2303-2315, 2019
Intercomparison of desert dust optical depth from satellite measurements
E Carboni, GE Thomas, AM Sayer, R Siddans, CA Poulsen, RG Grainger, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 5 (8), 1973-2002, 2012
Response of vegetation to the 2003 European drought was mitigated by height
SL Bevan, SO Los, PRJ North
Biogeosciences 11 (11), 2897-2908, 2014
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