Evan Miles
Evan Miles
Research Scientist, UZH and WSL
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The Randolph Glacier Inventory: a globally complete inventory of glaciers
WT Pfeffer, AA Arendt, A Bliss, T Bolch, JG Cogley, AS Gardner, ...
Journal of glaciology 60 (221), 537-552, 2014
Randolph Glacier Inventory [v2. 0]: A Dataset of Global Glacier Outlines. Global Land Ice Measurements from Space
A Arendt, T Bolch, JG Cogley, A Gardner, JO Hagen, R Hock, G Kaser, ...
RGI Consortium, 2012
Regional and global projections of twenty-first century glacier mass changes in response to climate scenarios from global climate models
V Radić, A Bliss, AC Beedlow, R Hock, E Miles, JG Cogley
Climate Dynamics 42, 37-58, 2014
Geomorphic and geologic controls of geohazards induced by Nepal’s 2015 Gorkha earthquake
JS Kargel, GJ Leonard, DH Shugar, UK Haritashya, A Bevington, ...
Science 351 (6269), aac8353, 2016
Ecosystem processes and human influences regulate streamflow response to climate change at long-term ecological research sites
JA Jones, IF Creed, KL Hatcher, RJ Warren, MB Adams, MH Benson, ...
BioScience 62 (4), 390-404, 2012
Unraveling the hydrology of a Himalayan catchment through integration of high resolution in situ data and remote sensing with an advanced simulation model
S Ragettli, F Pellicciotti, WW Immerzeel, ES Miles, L Petersen, M Heynen, ...
Advances in Water Resources 78, 94-111, 2015
Mass-balance changes of the debris-covered glaciers in the Langtang Himal, Nepal, from 1974 to 1999
F Pellicciotti, C Stephan, ES Miles, S Herreid, WW Immerzeel, T Bolch
Journal of Glaciology 61 (226), 373-386, 2015
Health and sustainability of glaciers in High Mountain Asia
E Miles, M McCarthy, A Dehecq, M Kneib, S Fugger, F Pellicciotti
Nature Communications 12 (1), 2868, 2021
Refined energy-balance modelling of a supraglacial pond, Langtang Khola, Nepal
ES Miles, F Pellicciotti, IC Willis, JF Steiner, P Buri, NS Arnold
Annals of Glaciology 57 (71), 29-40, 2016
Quantifying volume loss from ice cliffs on debris-covered glaciers using high-resolution terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry
F Brun, P Buri, ES Miles, P Wagnon, J Steiner, E Berthier, S Ragettli, ...
Journal of Glaciology 62 (234), 684-695, 2016
A grid-based model of backwasting of supraglacial ice cliffs on debris-covered glaciers
P Buri, F Pellicciotti, JF Steiner, ES Miles, WW Immerzeel
Annals of Glaciology, 2016
Modelling ice-cliff backwasting on a debris-covered glacier in the Nepalese Himalaya
JF Steiner, F Pellicciotti, P Buri, ES Miles, WW Immerzeel, TD Reid
Journal of Glaciology 61 (229), 889-907, 2015
Spatial, seasonal and interannual variability of supraglacial ponds in the Langtang Valley of Nepal, 1999–2013
ES Miles, IC Willis, NS Arnold, J Steiner, F Pellicciotti
Journal of Glaciology 63 (237), 88-105, 2017
Optimising NDWI supraglacial pond classification on Himalayan debris-covered glaciers
CS Watson, O King, ES Miles, DJ Quincey
Remote sensing of environment 217, 414-425, 2018
Surface pond energy absorption across four Himalayan glaciers accounts for 1/8 of total catchment ice loss
ES Miles, I Willis, P Buri, JF Steiner, NS Arnold, F Pellicciotti
Geophysical Research Letters 45 (19), 10,464-10,473, 2018
A physically based 3‐D model of ice cliff evolution over debris‐covered glaciers
P Buri, ES Miles, JF Steiner, WW Immerzeel, P Wagnon, F Pellicciotti
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 121 (12), 2471-2493, 2016
Supraglacial ice cliffs and ponds on debris-covered glaciers: spatio-temporal distribution and characteristics
JF Steiner, P Buri, ES Miles, S Ragettli, F Pellicciotti
Journal of Glaciology 65 (252), 617-632, 2019
Pond dynamics and supraglacial-englacial connectivity on debris-covered Lirung Glacier, Nepal
ES Miles, J Steiner, I Willis, P Buri, WW Immerzeel, A Chesnokova, ...
Frontiers in Earth Science 5, 69, 2017
Glacial and geomorphic effects of a supraglacial lake drainage and outburst event, Everest region, Nepal Himalaya
ES Miles, CS Watson, F Brun, E Berthier, M Esteves, DJ Quincey, ...
The Cryosphere 12 (12), 3891-3905, 2018
Highly variable aerodynamic roughness length (z0) for a hummocky debris‐covered glacier
ES Miles, JF Steiner, F Brun
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 122 (16), 8447-8466, 2017
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