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Mona Vij
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Graphene-SGX: A Practical Library OS for Unmodified Applications on SGX.
CC Tsai, DE Porter, M Vij
USENIX Annual Technical Conference, 645-658, 2017
Memory isolation and virtualization among virtual machines
M Vij, CV Rozas, K Ranganathan
US Patent 7,640,543, 2009
Integrating remote attestation with transport layer security
T Knauth, M Steiner, S Chakrabarti, L Lei, C Xing, M Vij
arXiv preprint arXiv:1801.05863, 2018
Method and apparatus for supporting immutable memory
C Rozas, M Vij, D Bowler, C Clark
US Patent 7,739,466, 2010
Method and system for measuring a program using a measurement agent
B Daruwala, C Rozas, M Vij
US Patent 7,827,550, 2010
Trusted packet processing for multi-domain separatization and security
K Sood, S Chakrabarti, W Shen, CV Rozas, M Vij, VR Scarlata
US Patent 10,528,721, 2020
User-guided device driver synthesis
L Ryzhyk, A Walker, J Keys, A Legg, A Raghunath, M Stumm, M Vij, ...
11th {USENIX} Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation …, 2014
Processors, methods, systems, and instructions to support live migration of protected containers
CV Rozas, M Vij, RM Leslie-Hurd, KC Zmudzinski, S Chakrabarti, ...
US Patent 9,710,401, 2017
Snort intrusion detection system with intel software guard extension (intel sgx)
D Kuvaiskii, S Chakrabarti, M Vij
arXiv preprint arXiv:1802.00508, 2018
Platform migration of secure enclaves
CV Rozas, M Vij, RM Leslie-Hurd, KC Zmudzinski, S Chakrabarti, ...
US Patent 9,942,035, 2018
Provisioning keys for virtual machine scaling
S Chakrabarti, VR Scarlata, M Vij, CV Rozas, I Alexandrovich, ...
US Patent App. 15/391,268, 2018
Instructions and logic to suspend/resume migration of enclaves in a secure enclave page cache
CV Rozas, I Alexandrovich, G Neiger, FX McKeen, I Anati, V Shanbhogue, ...
US Patent 10,534,724, 2020
Scaling intel® software guard extensions applications with intel® sgx card
S Chakrabarti, M Hoekstra, D Kuvaiskii, M Vij
Proceedings of the 8th international workshop on hardware and architectural …, 2019
Intel® software guard extensions (Intel® SGX) architecture for oversubscription of secure memory in a virtualized environment
S Chakrabarti, R Leslie-Hurd, M Vij, F McKeen, C Rozas, D Caspi, ...
Proceedings of the Hardware and Architectural Support for Security and …, 2017
Intel SGX enabled key manager service with openstack barbican
S Chakrabarti, B Baker, M Vij
arXiv preprint arXiv:1712.07694, 2017
Instructions and logic to fork processes of secure enclaves and establish child enclaves in a secure enclave page cache
P Pandey, M Vij, S Chakrabarti, KC Zmudzinski
US Patent 9,710,622, 2017
Apparatus and method for implementing a forked system call in a system with a protected region
P Pandey, M Vij, S Chakrabarti, KC Zmudzinski
US Patent 9,870,467, 2018
Trusted execution environment with intel sgx
S Chakrabarti, T Knauth, D Kuvaiskii, M Steiner, M Vij
Responsible Genomic Data Sharing, 161-190, 2020
Securing access to cloud components
S Chakrabarti, M Vij, CV Rozas, B Baker, VR Scarlata, MK Bhandaru, ...
US Patent App. 15/283,208, 2018
Technology For Establishing Trust During A Transport Layer Security Handshake
M Steiner, T Knauth, L Lei, B Xing, M Vij, S Chakrabarti
US Patent App. 16/174,337, 2019
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