Markus von der Heyde
Markus von der Heyde
independent researcher, visionary entrepreneur, and founder of vdH-IT and SemaLogic
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Cognitive factors can influence self-motion perception (vection) in virtual reality
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Driving in the future: temporal visuomotor adaptation and generalization
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Visual cues can be sufficient for triggering automatic, reflexlike spatial updating
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Lehren und Lernen mit VR und AR–Was wird erwartet? Was funktioniert
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Predicting experiential qualities of architecture by its spatial properties
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Scene consistency and spatial presence increase the sensation of self-motion in virtual reality
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Qualitative modeling of spatial orientation processes using logical propositions: Interconnecting spatial presence, spatial updating, piloting, and spatial cognition
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Hochschulentwicklung im Kontext der Digitalisierung - Bestandsaufnahme, Perspektiven, Thesen
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Applying cobit 2019 to it governance in higher education
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Integrating continuous and teleporting vr locomotion into a seamless ‘hyperjump’paradigm
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IT Governance – role of a CIO in German Universities – a Survey by ZKI
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Circular vection is facilitated by a consistent photorealistic scene
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How to cheat in motion simulation: comparing the engineering and fun ride approach to motion cueing
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A distributed virtual reality system for spatial updating: Concepts, implementation, and experiments
M von der Heyde
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Psychophysical experiments in a complex virtual environment
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Embedding presence-related terminology in a logical and functional model
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How real is virtual reality really? Comparing spatial updating using pointing tasks in real and virtual environments
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Open Research Data: Landscape and cost analysis of data repositories currently used by the Swiss research community, and requirements for the future
M von der Heyde, 2019
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