Max-Philipp Stenner
Max-Philipp Stenner
Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology, & Dept. of Neurology, University Hospital Magdeburg, Germany
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Attentional modulation of alpha/beta and gamma oscillations reflect functionally distinct processes
M Bauer, MP Stenner, KJ Friston, RJ Dolan
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Regulatory T cells exhibit enhanced migratory characteristics, a feature impaired in patients with multiple sclerosis
T Schneider‐Hohendorf, MP Stenner, C Weidenfeller, AL Zozulya, ...
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Effects of natalizumab treatment on Foxp3+ T regulatory cells
MP Stenner, A Waschbisch, D Buck, S Doerck, H Einsele, KV Toyka, ...
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Dynamic tuning of tactile localization to body posture
E Azañón, MP Stenner, F Cardini, P Haggard
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Immunological and clinical consequences of treating a patient with natalizumab
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Subliminal action priming modulates the perceived intensity of sensory action consequences
MP Stenner, M Bauer, N Sidarus, HJ Heinze, P Haggard, RJ Dolan
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Natalizumab treatment in a patient with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
C Wolf, T Menge, MP Stenner, GM zu Hörste, A Saleh, HP Hartung, ...
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Parallel processing streams for motor output and sensory prediction during action preparation
MP Stenner, M Bauer, HJ Heinze, P Haggard, RJ Dolan
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Acting without being in control: Exploring volition in Parkinson's disease with impulsive compulsive behaviours
L Ricciardi, P Haggard, L de Boer, C Sorbera, MP Stenner, F Morgante, ...
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Voluntary or involuntary? A neurophysiologic approach to functional movement disorders
MP Stenner, P Haggard
Handbook of clinical neurology 139, 121-129, 2016
Cortical drive of low-frequency oscillations in the human nucleus accumbens during action selection
MP Stenner, V Litvak, RB Rutledge, T Zaehle, FC Schmitt, J Voges, ...
Journal of Neurophysiology 114 (1), 29-39, 2015
Changing pattern in the basal ganglia: motor switching under reduced dopaminergic drive
VG Fiore, F Rigoli, MP Stenner, T Zaehle, F Hirth, HJ Heinze, RJ Dolan
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 23327, 2016
Fatal progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy associated with efalizumab therapy: Insights into the role of leukointegrin alpha L beta 2 in JC virus control
N Schwab, JC Ulzheimer, RJ Fox, YH Huang, T Schneider-Hohendorf, ...
Sage Publications Ltd, 2009
Glatiramer acetate attenuates pro-inflammatory T cell responses but does not directly protect neurons from inflammatory cell death
AM Herrmann, K Göbel, OJ Simon, N Melzer, MK Schuhmann, ...
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Intact automatic motor inhibition in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
M Keute, K Krauel, HJ Heinze, MP Stenner
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Intact automatic motor inhibition in patients with tourette syndrome
MP Stenner, C Baumgaertel, HJ Heinze, C Ganos, KR Müller‐Vahl
Movement disorders 33 (11), 1800-1804, 2018
Error-related dynamics of reaction time and frontal midline theta activity in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) during a subliminal motor priming task
M Keute, MP Stenner, MK Mueller, T Zaehle, K Krauel
Frontiers in human neuroscience 13, 381, 2019
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