Anil Kokaram
Anil Kokaram
Professor in Media Engineering
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Motion picture restoration: digital algorithms for artefact suppression in degraded motion picture film and video
AC Kokaram
Springer Science & Business Media, 2013
Automated colour grading using colour distribution transfer
F Pitié, AC Kokaram, R Dahyot
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Interpolation of missing data in image sequences
AC Kokaram, RD Morris, WJ Fitzgerald, PJW Rayner
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N-dimensional probability density function transfer and its application to color transfer
F Pitie, AC Kokaram, R Dahyot
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Detection of missing data in image sequences
AC Kokaram, RD Morris, WJ Fitzgerald, PJW Rayner
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On missing data treatment for degraded video and film archives: a survey and a new Bayesian approach
AC Kokaram
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Detection and removal of line scratches in degraded motion picture sequences
A Kokaram
1996 8th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 1996), 1-4, 1996
The linear monge-kantorovitch linear colour mapping for example-based colour transfer
F Pitié, A Kokaram
IET Digital Library, 2007
Browsing sports video: trends in sports-related indexing and retrieval work
A Kokaram, N Rea, R Dahyot, M Tekalp, P Bouthemy, P Gros, I Sezan
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 23 (2), 47-58, 2006
Motion picture restoration
AC Kokaram
University of Cambridge, 1993
Wiener filter for filtering noise from a video signal
AC Kokaram
US Patent 5,500,685, 1996
Joint audio visual retrieval for tennis broadcasts
R Dahyot, A Kokaram, N Rea, H Denman
2003 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal …, 2003
An evaluation of alternative feature selection strategies and ensemble techniques for classifying music
M Grimaldi, P Cunningham, A Kokaram
Proc. Workshop on Multimedia Discovery and Mining, 2003
Content-based analysis for video from snooker broadcasts
H Denman, N Rea, A Kokaram
Computer Vision and Image Understanding 92 (2-3), 176-195, 2003
MCMC for joint noise reduction and missing data treatment in degraded video
AC Kokaram, SJ Godsill
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 50 (2), 189-205, 2002
Suppression of moiré patterns via spectral analysis
DN Sidorov, AC Kokaram
Visual Communications and Image Processing 2002 4671, 895-906, 2002
Classification and representation of semantic content in broadcast tennis videos
N Rea, R Dahyot, A Kokaram
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing 2005 3, III-1204, 2005
System for the removal of impulsive noise in image sequences
AC Kokaram, PJW Rayner
Visual Communications and Image Processing'92 1818, 322-331, 1992
Spherical video stabilization based on accelerometer data
AC Kokaram, H BENGALI, NAC Birkbeck, S Inguva
US Patent App. 10/084,962, 2018
Gradient based dominant motion estimation with integral projections for real time video stabilisation
AJ Crawford, H Denman, F Kelly, F Pitie, AC Kokaram
2004 International Conference on Image Processing, 2004. ICIP'04. 5, 3371-3374, 2004
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