Claudia Ruiz Ortega
Claudia Ruiz Ortega
Development Economics Research Group World Bank
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Global financial development report 2019/2020: Bank regulation and supervision a decade after the global financial crisis
World Bank
The World Bank, 2019
Banking sector performance during the COVID-19 crisis
A Demirgüç-Kunt, A Pedraza, C Ruiz-Ortega
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The international bank lending channel of monetary policy rates and QE: Credit supply, reach‐for‐yield, and real effects
B Morais, JL Peydró, J Roldán‐Peña, C Ruiz‐Ortega
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Global financial development report 2014: Financial inclusion
World Bank Group
World Bank Publications, 2013
Labor supply and household dynamics
M Mazzocco, C Ruiz, S Yamaguchi
American Economic Review 104 (5), 354-359, 2014
Global monitoring report 2014/2015: Ending poverty and sharing prosperity
World Bank, World Bank
The World Bank, 2014
From pawn shops to banks: The impact of formal credit on informal households
C Ruiz Ortega
World Bank policy research working paper, 2013
Financial inclusion strategies: reference framework
D Pearce, CR Ortega
World Bank Group, 2012
Estimating treatment effects with big data when take-up is low: an application to financial education
G Lara Ibarra, D McKenzie, C Ruiz-Ortega
The World Bank Economic Review 35 (2), 348-375, 2021
The political economy of bank lending: Evidence from an emerging market
S Agarwal, B Morais, C Ruiz Ortega, C Zhang
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, 2016
Borrower leakage from costly screening: Evidence from SME lending in Peru
I Arráiz, M Bruhn, BN Roth, C Ruiz-Ortega, R Stucchi
Journal of Development Economics 153, 102719, 2021
Determinants of long‐versus short‐term bank credit in EU countries
HP Anderson, C Ruiz‐Ortega, T Tressel
International Journal of Finance & Economics 22 (4), 274-295, 2017
Winners and losers when private banks distribute government loans: evidence from earmarked credit in Brazil
JRH Ornelas, A Pedraza, C Ruiz Ortega, T Silva
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, 2019
Owe a bank millions, the bank has a problem: Credit concentration in bad times
S Agarwal, R Correa, B Morais, J Roldán, C Ruiz Ortega
International Finance Discussion Paper, 2020
Public versus private protection against crime: The case of Somali piracy
QT Do, L Ma, C Ruiz Ortega
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, 2016
Enhancing financial capability and inclusion in Morocco: a demand-side assessment
S Zottel, CR Ortega, D Randall, SY Xu
The World Bank, 2014
Climate-change regulations: Bank lending and real effects
F Miguel, A Pedraza, C Ruiz-Ortega
Journal of Financial Stability 70, 101212, 2024
From Pawn Shops to Banks
C Ruiz
The Impact of Formal Credit on Informal Households. World Bank policy …, 2013
Expansionary Austerity: Reallocating Credit Amid Fiscal Consolidation
B Morais, J Perez-Estrada, JL Peydró, C Ruiz Ortega
CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP16511, 2021
Global bank lending under climate policy
A Demirgüç-Kunt, A Pedraza, F Pulga, C Ruiz-Ortega
IMF Economic Review, 1-44, 2023
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