Claus Stefan Schmitzer
Claus Stefan Schmitzer
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Experimental test of quantum contextuality in neutron interferometry
H Bartosik, J Klepp, C Schmitzer, S Sponar, A Cabello, H Rauch, ...
Physical review letters 103 (4), 040403, 2009
The European Joint Research Project UHDpulse–Metrology for advanced radiotherapy using particle beams with ultra-high pulse dose rates
A Schüller, S Heinrich, C Fouillade, A Subiel, L De Marzi, F Romano, ...
Physica Medica 80, 134-150, 2020
H ion sources for CERN's Linac4
J Lettry, D Aguglia, Y Coutron, E Chaudet, A Dallocchio, J Gil Flores, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1515 (1), 302-311, 2013
Falsification of Leggett's model using neutron matter waves
Y Hasegawa, C Schmitzer, H Bartosik, J Klepp, S Sponar, ...
New Journal of Physics 14 (2), 023039, 2012
Overview of the status and developments on primary ion sources at CERN
R Scrivens, D Küchler, M O’Neil, M Kronberger, C Schmitzer, J Lettry, ...
RF plasma modeling of the Linac4 H ion source
S Mattei, M Ohta, A Hatayama, J Lettry, Y Kawamura, M Yasumoto, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1515 (1), 386-393, 2013
A new extraction system for the Linac4 H ion source
Ø Midttun, T Kalvas, M Kronberger, J Lettry, H Pereira, C Schmitzer, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 83 (2), 02B710, 2012
High duty factor plasma generator for CERN’s Superconducting Proton Linac
J Lettry, M Kronberger, R Scrivens, E Chaudet, D Faircloth, G Favre, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 81 (2), 02A723, 2010
Gas injection and fast pressure-rise measurements for the Linac4 H source
E Mahner, P Chiggiato, J Lettry, S Mattei, M O'Neil, H Neupert, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1515 (1), 425-432, 2013
Numerical modeling of the Linac4 negative ion source extraction region by 3D PIC-MCC code ONIX
S Mochalskyy, J Lettry, T Minea, AF Lifschitz, C Schmitzer, O Midttun, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1515 (1), 31-40, 2013
High-efficiency manipulations of triply entangled states in neutron polarimetry
S Sponar, J Klepp, K Durstberger-Rennhofer, C Schmitzer, H Bartosik, ...
New Journal of Physics 14 (5), 053032, 2012
Magnetic cusp configuration of the SPL plasma generator
M Kronberger, E Chaudet, G Favre, J Lettry, D Küchler, P Moyret, ...
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Commissioning of low particle flux for proton beams at MedAustron
F Ulrich-Pur, L Adler, T Bergauer, A Burker, A De Franco, G Guidoboni, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2021
Betatron core driven slow extraction at CNAO and MedAustron
A Garonna, M Kronberger, T Kulenkampff, C Kurfuerst, F Osmic, ...
Status of proton beam commissioning of the medaustron particle therapy accelerator
A Garonna, F Farinon, M Kronberger, T Kulenkampff, C Kurfürst, S Myalski, ...
Proceedings of IPAC 2016, Busan, Korea, 2016
Overview and status of the MedAustron ion therapy center accelerator
MTF Pivi, A De Franco, F Farinon, M Kronberger, C Kurfürst, S Myalski, ...
8th Int. Particle Accelerator Conf.(IPAC'17), Copenhagen, Denmark, 14â 19 …, 2017
Plasma characterization of the superconducting proton linear accelerator plasma generator using a 2 MHz compensated Langmuir probe
C Schmitzer, M Kronberger, J Lettry, J Sanchez-Arias, H Störi
Review of Scientific Instruments 83 (2), 02A715, 2012
Upgrade study of the MedAustron ion beam center
A De Franco, TT Böhlen, F Farinon, G Kowarik, M Kronberger, C Kurfürst, ...
IPAC2017, Copenhagen, Denmark, paper THPVA074, this conference 32, 2017
RF low-level control for the Linac4 H source
A Butterworth, A Grudiev, J Lettry, K Nishida, M Paoluzzi, C Schmitzer
AIP Conference Proceedings 1655 (1), 030007, 2015
Optical emission spectroscopy of the Linac4 and superconducting proton Linac plasma generators
J Lettry, U Fantz, M Kronberger, T Kalvas, H Koivisto, J Komppula, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 83 (2), 02A729, 2012
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