Ivo Stachiv
Ivo Stachiv
Institute of Physics, ASCR
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Mass detection by means of the vibrating nanomechanical resonators
I Stachiv, AI Fedorchenko, YL Chen
Applied Physics Letters 100 (9), 093110, 2012
Magnetic forces between arrays of cylindrical permanent magnets
D Vokoun, G Tomassetti, M Beleggia, I Stachiv
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 323 (1), 55-60, 2011
Effects of carbon nanotube reinforcement and grain size refinement mechanical properties and wear behaviors of carbon nanotube/copper composites
PC Tsai, YR Jeng, JT Lee, I Stachiv, P Sittner
Diamond and Related Materials 74, 197-204, 2017
Investigations of the mechanical properties of nanoimprinted amorphous Ni–Zr alloys utilizing the molecular dynamics simulation
CH Wang, KC Chao, TH Fang, I Stachiv, SF Hsieh
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 659, 224-231, 2016
Measurement of Young's modulus and volumetric mass density/thickness of ultrathin films utilizing resonant based mass sensors
I Stachiv, D Vokoun, YR Jeng
Applied Physics Letters 104 (8), 083102, 2014
The optical viscometer based on the vibrating fiber partially submerged in fluid
AI Fedorchenko, I Stachiv, AB Wang
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 142 (1), 111-117, 2009
Method of the viscosity measurement by means of the vibrating micro-/nano-mechanical resonators
AI Fedorchenko, I Stachiv, WC Wang
Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 32, 84-89, 2013
Simultaneous determination of the elastic modulus and density/thickness of ultrathin films utilizing micro-/nanoresonators under applied axial force
I Stachiv, J Zapomel, YL Chen
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (12), 124304, 2014
On the forced vibration of the fiber partially immersed in fluid
AI Fedorchenko, I Stachiv, JN Ho, AB Wang, WC Wang
Sensors and actuators A: Physical 147 (2), 498-503, 2008
Exploiting NiTi shape memory alloy films in design of tunable high frequency microcantilever resonators
I Stachiv, P Sittner, J Olejnicek, M Landa, L Heller
Applied Physics Letters 111 (21), 213105, 2017
Impact of surface and residual stresses and electro-/magnetostatic axial loading on the suspended nanomechanical based mass sensors: A theoretical study
I Stachiv
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (21), 214310, 2014
Fundamental frequencies of mechanical systems with N-piecewise constant properties
AI Fedorchenko, I Stachiv, AB Wang, WC Wang
Journal of sound and vibration 317 (3-5), 490-495, 2008
On the nanoparticle or macromolecule mass detection in fluid utilizing vibrating micro-/nanoresonators including carbon nanotubes
I Stachiv
Sensor Letters 11 (3), 613-616, 2013
Mass detection in viscous fluid utilizing vibrating micro-and nanomechanical mass sensors under applied axial tensile force
I Stachiv, TH Fang, YR Jeng
Sensors 15 (8), 19351-19368, 2015
Nanocantilevers with adjustable static deflection and significantly tunable spectrum resonant frequencies for applications in nanomechanical mass sensors
I Stachiv, P Sittner
Nanomaterials 8 (2), 116, 2018
A novel method combining Monte Carlo–FEM simulations and experiments for simultaneous evaluation of the ultrathin film mass density and Young׳ s modulus
J Zapoměl, I Stachiv, P Ferfecki
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 66, 223-231, 2016
Micro-/nanosized cantilever beams and mass sensors under applied axial tensile/compressive force vibrating in vacuum and viscous fluid
I Stachiv, TH Fang, TH Chen
AIP Advances 5 (11), 117140, 2015
Simultaneous determination of the residual stress, elastic modulus, density and thickness of ultrathin film utilizing vibrating doubly clamped micro-/nanobeams
I Stachiv, CY Kuo, TH Fang, V Mortet
AIP Advances 6 (4), 045005, 2016
Mass Spectrometry of Heavy Analytes and Large Biological Aggregates by Monitoring Changes in the Quality Factor of Nanomechanical Resonators in Air
I Stachiv, L Gan, CY Kuo, P Šittner, O Ševeček
ACS sensors 5 (7), 2128-2135, 2020
Simple non-destructive method of ultrathin film material properties and generated internal stress determination using microcantilevers immersed in air
I Stachiv, L Gan
Coatings 9 (8), 486, 2019
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