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Stefan Finsterle
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Estimation of field‐scale soil hydraulic and dielectric parameters through joint inversion of GPR and hydrological data
MB Kowalsky, S Finsterle, J Peterson, S Hubbard, Y Rubin, E Majer, ...
Water Resources Research 41 (11), 2005
Electrokinetic coupling in unsaturated porous media
A Revil, N Linde, A Cerepi, D Jougnot, S Matthäi, S Finsterle
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Making sense of global sensitivity analyses
HM Wainwright, S Finsterle, Y Jung, Q Zhou, JT Birkholzer
Computers & Geosciences 65, 84-94, 2014
Estimating flow parameter distributions using ground-penetrating radar and hydrological measurements during transient flow in the vadose zone
MB Kowalsky, S Finsterle, Y Rubin
Advances in Water Resources 27 (6), 583-599, 2004
Ground surface temperature reconstructions: Using in situ estimates for thermal conductivity acquired with a fiber‐optic distributed thermal perturbation sensor
BM Freifeld, S Finsterle, TC Onstott, P Toole, LM Pratt
Geophysical Research Letters 35 (14), 2008
Multiphase inverse modeling: Review and iTOUGH2 applications
S Finsterle
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Solving the estimation‐identification problem in two‐phase flow modeling
S Finsterle, K Pruess
Water Resources Research 31 (4), 913-924, 1995
Determining permeability of tight rock samples using inverse modeling
S Finsterle, P Persoff
Water Resources Research 33 (8), 1803-1811, 1997
Inversion of tracer test data using tomographic constraints
N Linde, S Finsterle, S Hubbard
Water Resources Research 42 (4), 2006
Modeling the performance of large-scale CO2 storage systems: a comparison of different sensitivity analysis methods
HM Wainwright, S Finsterle, Q Zhou, JT Birkholzer
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Solving iTOUGH2 simulation and optimization problems using the PEST protocol
S Finsterle, Y Zhang
Environmental Modelling & Software 26 (7), 959-968, 2011
Approximation errors and truncation of computational domains with application to geophysical tomography
A Lehikoinen, S Finsterle, A Voutilainen, LM Heikkinen, M Vauhkonen, ...
Inverse Problems and Imaging 1 (2), 371, 2007
Using the continuum approach to model unsaturated flow in fractured rock
S Finsterle
Water Resources Research 36 (8), 2055-2066, 2000
Field tests and model analyses of seepage into drift
JSY Wang, RC Trautz, PJ Cook, S Finsterle, AL James, J Birkholzer
Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 38 (1-3), 323-347, 1999
Single-well experimental design for studying residual trapping of supercritical carbon dioxide
Y Zhang, B Freifeld, S Finsterle, M Leahy, J Ennis-King, L Paterson, ...
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 5 (1), 88-98, 2011
Modeling coupled evaporation and seepage in ventilated cavities
TA Ghezzehei, RC Trautz, S Finsterle, PJ Cook, CF Ahlers
Vadose Zone Journal 3 (3), 806-818, 2004
Corrosion-induced gas generation in a nuclear waste repository: Reactive geochemistry and multiphase flow effects
T Xu, R Senger, S Finsterle
Applied Geochemistry 23 (12), 3423-3433, 2008
Joint hydrological–geophysical inversion for soil structure identification
S Finsterle, MB Kowalsky
Vadose Zone Journal 7 (1), 287-293, 2008
Robust estimation of hydrogeologic model parameters
S Finsterle, J Najita
Water resources research 34 (11), 2939-2947, 1998
Information entropy to measure temporal and spatial complexity of unsaturated flow in heterogeneous media
DC Mays, BA Faybishenko, S Finsterle
Water Resources Research 38 (12), 49-1-49-11, 2002
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