Paolo Riva
Paolo Riva
Department of Psychology - University of Milano-Bicocca
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Forced social isolation and mental health: a study on 1,006 Italians under COVID-19 lockdown
L Pancani, M Marinucci, N Aureli, P Riva
Frontiers in psychology 12, 663799, 2021
The consequences of pain: The social and physical pain overlap on psychological responses
P Riva, JH Wirth, KD Williams
European Journal of Social Psychology 41 (6), 681–687, 2011
Social exclusion: Psychological approaches to understanding and reducing its impact
P Riva, J Eck
New York, NY: Springer, 2016
Chronic social exclusion and evidence for the resignation stage: An empirical investigation
P Riva, L Montali, JH Wirth, S Curioni, KD Williams
Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 34 (4), 541-564, 2017
Acting like a tough guy: Violent-sexist video games, identification with game characters, masculine beliefs, & empathy for female violence victims
A Gabbiadini, P Riva, L Andrighetto, C Volpato, BJ Bushman
PLoS one 11 (4), e0152121, 2016
Reducing aggressive responses to social exclusion using transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)
P Riva, LJR Lauro, CN DeWall, DS Chester, BJ Bushman
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 10 (3), 352-356, 2015
Orders to Shoot (a camera): Effects of Ostracism on Obedience
P Riva, KD Williams, A Torstrick, L Montali
The Journal of Social Psychology 154 (3), 208-216, 2014
When social inclusion is not enough: Implicit expectations of extreme inclusion in borderline personality disorder.
C De Panfilis, P Riva, E Preti, C Cabrino, C Marchesi
Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment 6 (4), 301, 2015
Buffer the pain away: stimulating the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex reduces pain following social exclusion
P Riva, LJ Romero Lauro, CN DeWall, BJ Bushman
Psychological science 23 (12), 1473-1475, 2012
Interactive Effect of Moral Disengagement and Violent Video Games on Self-Control, Cheating, and Aggression
A Gabbiadini, P Riva, L Andrighetto, C Volpato, BJ Bushman
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When pain does not heal: The common antecedents and consequences of chronic social and physical pain
P Riva, ED Wesselmann, JH Wirth, AR Carter-Sowell, KD Williams
Basic and Applied Social Psychology 36 (4), 329-346, 2014
Myopic about climate change: Cognitive style, psychological distance, and environmentalism
S Sacchi, P Riva, A Aceto
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 65, 68-73, 2016
Stimulating Self-Regulation: A review of non-invasive brain stimulation studies of goal-directed behavior
NJ Kelley, A Galucci, P Riva, LJ Romero-Lauro, B Schmeichel
Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 12, 337, 2019
Online social connections as surrogates of face-to-face interactions: A longitudinal study under Covid-19 isolation
M Marinucci, L Pancani, N Aureli, P Riva
Computers in Human Behavior 128, 107102, 2022
“Mom, dad, look at me”: The development of the Parental Phubbing Scale
L Pancani, T Gerosa, M Gui, P Riva
Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 38 (2), 435-458, 2021
Humanizing machines: Anthropomorphization of slot machines increases gambling.
P Riva, S Sacchi, M Brambilla
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied 21 (4), 313, 2015
Electrified emotions: Modulatory effects of transcranial direct stimulation on negative emotional reactions to social exclusion
P Riva, LJ Romero Lauro, A Vergallito, CN DeWall, BJ Bushman
Social Neuroscience 10 (1), 46-54, 2015
How do we cope with ostracism? Psychological flexibility moderates the relationship between everyday ostracism experiences and psychological distress
D Waldeck, I Tyndall, P Riva, N Chmiel
Journal of contextual behavioral science 6 (4), 425-432, 2017
Ghosting and orbiting: An analysis of victims’ experiences
L Pancani, D Mazzoni, N Aureli, P Riva
Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 38 (7), 1987-2007, 2021
Predicting pleasure at others’ misfortune: Morality trumps sociability and competence in driving deservingness and schadenfreude
M Brambilla, P Riva
Motivation and Emotion 41, 243-253, 2017
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