Jennifer Hicks
Jennifer Hicks
Senior Research Engineer, Stanford University
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Large-scale physical activity data reveal worldwide activity inequality
T Althoff, R Sosič, JL Hicks, AC King, SL Delp, J Leskovec
Nature 547 (7663), 336-339, 2017
Full-body musculoskeletal model for muscle-driven simulation of human gait
A Rajagopal, CL Dembia, MS DeMers, DD Delp, JL Hicks, SL Delp
IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering 63 (10), 2068-2079, 2016
OpenSim: Simulating musculoskeletal dynamics and neuromuscular control to study human and animal movement
A Seth, JL Hicks, TK Uchida, A Habib, CL Dembia, JJ Dunne, CF Ong, ...
PLoS computational biology 14 (7), e1006223, 2018
Is my model good enough? Best practices for verification and validation of musculoskeletal models and simulations of movement
JL Hicks, TK Uchida, A Seth, A Rajagopal, SL Delp
Journal of biomechanical engineering 137 (2), 2015
Machine learning in human movement biomechanics: Best practices, common pitfalls, and new opportunities
E Halilaj, A Rajagopal, M Fiterau, JL Hicks, TJ Hastie, SL Delp
Journal of biomechanics 81, 1-11, 2018
Muscle contributions to support and progression during single-limb stance in crouch gait
KM Steele, A Seth, JL Hicks, MS Schwartz, SL Delp
Journal of biomechanics 43 (11), 2099-2105, 2010
Crouched postures reduce the capacity of muscles to extend the hip and knee during the single-limb stance phase of gait
JL Hicks, MH Schwartz, AS Arnold, SL Delp
Journal of biomechanics 41 (5), 960-967, 2008
Serologic cross-reactivity of SARS-CoV-2 with endemic and seasonal Betacoronaviruses
J Hicks, C Klumpp-Thomas, H Kalish, A Shunmugavel, J Mehalko, ...
Journal of clinical immunology 41, 906-913, 2021
The effect of excessive tibial torsion on the capacity of muscles to extend the hip and knee during single-limb stance
J Hicks, A Arnold, F Anderson, M Schwartz, S Delp
Gait & posture 26 (4), 546-552, 2007
Simulating ideal assistive devices to reduce the metabolic cost of running
TK Uchida, A Seth, S Pouya, CL Dembia, JL Hicks, SL Delp
PloS one 11 (9), e0163417, 2016
Simulating ideal assistive devices to reduce the metabolic cost of walking with heavy loads
CL Dembia, A Silder, TK Uchida, JL Hicks, SL Delp
PloS one 12 (7), e0180320, 2017
Deep neural networks enable quantitative movement analysis using single-camera videos
Ł Kidziński, B Yang, JL Hicks, A Rajagopal, SL Delp, MH Schwartz
Nature communications 11 (1), 4054, 2020
Predicting gait adaptations due to ankle plantarflexor muscle weakness and contracture using physics-based musculoskeletal simulations
CF Ong, T Geijtenbeek, JL Hicks, SL Delp
PLoS computational biology 15 (10), e1006993, 2019
Simulation-based design for wearable robotic systems: an optimization framework for enhancing a standing long jump
CF Ong, JL Hicks, SL Delp
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 63 (5), 894-903, 2015
Clinical applicability of using spherical fitting to find hip joint centers
JL Hicks, JG Richards
Gait & posture 22 (2), 138-145, 2005
Opensim moco: Musculoskeletal optimal control
CL Dembia, NA Bianco, A Falisse, JL Hicks, SL Delp
PLOS Computational Biology 16 (12), e1008493, 2020
Predictive simulation generates human adaptations during loaded and inclined walking
TW Dorn, JM Wang, JL Hicks, SL Delp
PloS one 10 (4), e0121407, 2015
Best practices for analyzing large-scale health data from wearables and smartphone apps
JL Hicks, T Althoff, R Sosic, P Kuhar, B Bostjancic, AC King, J Leskovec, ...
NPJ digital medicine 2 (1), 45, 2019
Stretching your energetic budget: how tendon compliance affects the metabolic cost of running
TK Uchida, JL Hicks, CL Dembia, SL Delp
PloS one 11 (3), e0150378, 2016
Undiagnosed SARS-CoV-2 seropositivity during the first 6 months of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States
H Kalish, C Klumpp-Thomas, S Hunsberger, HA Baus, MP Fay, ...
Science Translational Medicine 13 (601), eabh3826, 2021
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