Mustafa Arık
Mustafa Arık
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Liquid nitrogen-assisted synthesis of fluorescent carbon dots from Blueberry and their performance in Fe3+ detection
AM Aslandaş, N Balcı, M Arık, H Şakiroğlu, Y Onganer, K Meral
Applied Surface Science 356, 747-752, 2015
Fluorescence quenching of fluorescein with molecular oxygen in solution
M Arık, N Celebi, Y Onganer
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 170 (2), 105-111, 2005
Solvent effect on the ground and excited state dipole moments of fluorescein
B Acemioğlu, M Arık, H Efeoğlu, Y Onganer
Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM 548 (1-3), 165-171, 2001
Graphene oxide sheets as a template for dye assembly: graphene oxide sheets induce H-aggregates of pyronin (Y) dye
M Şinoforoğlu, B Gür, M Arık, Y Onganer, K Meral
Rsc Advances 3 (29), 11832-11838, 2013
A novel system for Fe3+ ion detection based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer
E Bozkurt, M Arık, Y Onganer
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 221, 136-147, 2015
Molecular excitons of Pyronin B and Pyronin Y in colloidal silica suspension
M Arık, Y Onganer
Chemical physics letters 375 (1-2), 126-133, 2003
The fluorescence resonance energy transfer between dye compounds in micellar media
BM Aydın, M Acar, M Arık, Y Onganer
Dyes and Pigments 81 (2), 156-160, 2009
Cytotoxicity of 1-aryl-3-buthylamino-1-propanone hydrochlorides against Jurkat and L6 cells
M Gul, E Mete, M Atalay, M Arik, HI Gul
Arzneimittelforschung 59 (07), 364-369, 2009
Effect of surfactants on the aggregation of pyronin B and pyronin Y in aqueous solution
M Arık, K Meral, Y Onganer
Journal of luminescence 129 (6), 599-604, 2009
Analysis of fluorescence quenching of pyronin B and pyronin Y by molecular oxygen in aqueous solution
N Çelebi, M Arık, Y Onganer
Journal of luminescence 126 (1), 103-108, 2007
Solvent effect on nonradiative process of pyronin B in protic and aprotic solvent systems
B Acemioğlu, M Arık, Y Onganer
Journal of luminescence 97 (3-4), 153-160, 2002
Synthesis and characterization of reduced graphene oxide/rhodamine 101 (rGO-Rh101) nanocomposites and their heterojunction performance in rGO-Rh101/p-Si device configuration
GG Batır, M Arık, Z Caldıran, A Turut, S Aydogan
Journal of Electronic Materials 47, 329-336, 2018
The fluorescence quenching mechanism of coumarin 120 with CdS nanoparticles in aqueous suspension
M Acar, E Bozkurt, K Meral, M Arık, Y Onganer
Journal of Luminescence 157, 10-15, 2015
Fluorescence quenching of fluorescein by Merocyanine 540 in liposomes
M Toprak, BM Aydın, M Arık, Y Onganer
Journal of luminescence 131 (11), 2286-2289, 2011
Synthesis of cyclopropane-annulated conduritol derivatives: norcaran-2, 3, 4, 5-tetraoles
ME Senguel, A Menzek, E Sahin, M Arik, N Saracoglu
Tetrahedron 64 (30-31), 7289-7294, 2008
Synthesis of an F-BODIPY [2] catenane using the chemistry of bis (dipyrrinato) metal complexes
B Nisanci, S Sahinoglu, E Tuner, M Arik, İ Kani, A Dastan, ÖA Bozdemir
Chemical Communications 53 (92), 12418-12421, 2017
The investigation of the interaction between orientin and bovine serum albumin by spectroscopic analysis
M Toprak, M Arık
Luminescence 29 (7), 805-809, 2014
Evaluation of colour changed of acrylic resin materials in the different solutions
Z Duymus, N YANIKOĞLU, M Arik
Asian Journal of Chemistry 22 (9), 2010
An investigation of energy transfer between coumarin 35 and xanthene derivatives in liquid medium
M Toprak, M Arik
Turkish Journal of Chemistry 34 (2), 285-294, 2010
Bis (indolyl) methane substituted tetraphenylethylene derivatives as AIE active materials
F Lafzi, H Kilic, B Ertugrul, M Arik, N Saracoglu
Journal of Luminescence 208, 174-182, 2019
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