Ayshwarya Subramanian
Ayshwarya Subramanian
Broad Institute
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Multivariable association discovery in population-scale meta-omics studies
H Mallick, A Rahnavard, LJ McIver, S Ma, Y Zhang, LH Nguyen, TL Tickle, ...
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A cellular taxonomy of the bone marrow stroma in homeostasis and leukemia
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COVID-19 tissue atlases reveal SARS-CoV-2 pathology and cellular targets
TM Delorey, CGK Ziegler, G Heimberg, R Normand, Y Yang, ...
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Deep learning and alignment of spatially resolved single-cell transcriptomes with Tangram
T Biancalani, G Scalia, L Buffoni, R Avasthi, Z Lu, A Sanger, N Tokcan, ...
Nature methods 18 (11), 1352-1362, 2021
Single-cell meta-analysis of SARS-CoV-2 entry genes across tissues and demographics
C Muus, MD Luecken, G Eraslan, L Sikkema, A Waghray, G Heimberg, ...
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A practical guide to methods controlling false discoveries in computational biology
K Korthauer, PK Kimes, C Duvallet, A Reyes, A Subramanian, M Teng, ...
Genome biology 20, 1-21, 2019
Integrated analyses of single-cell atlases reveal age, gender, and smoking status associations with cell type-specific expression of mediators of SARS-CoV-2 viral entry and …
C Muus, MD Luecken, G Eraslan, A Waghray, G Heimberg, L Sikkema, ...
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Emergence of a high-plasticity cell state during lung cancer evolution
ND Marjanovic, M Hofree, JE Chan, D Canner, K Wu, M Trakala, ...
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Single-cell analysis of the normal mouse aorta reveals functionally distinct endothelial cell populations
AS Kalluri, SK Vellarikkal, ER Edelman, L Nguyen, A Subramanian, ...
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Stability of the human faecal microbiome in a cohort of adult men
RS Mehta, GS Abu-Ali, DA Drew, J Lloyd-Price, A Subramanian, ...
Nature microbiology 3 (3), 347-355, 2018
Single-nucleus cross-tissue molecular reference maps toward understanding disease gene function
G Eraslan, E Drokhlyansky, S Anand, E Fiskin, A Subramanian, M Slyper, ...
Science 376 (6594), eabl4290, 2022
Single cell census of human kidney organoids shows reproducibility and diminished off-target cells after transplantation
A Subramanian, EH Sidhom, M Emani, K Vernon, N Sahakian, Y Zhou, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 5462, 2019
Discovery of bioactive microbial gene products in inflammatory bowel disease
Y Zhang, A Bhosle, S Bae, LJ McIver, G Pishchany, EK Accorsi, ...
Nature 606 (7915), 754-760, 2022
A high-content screen for mucin-1-reducing compounds identifies fostamatinib as a candidate for rapid repurposing for acute lung injury
M Kost-Alimova, EH Sidhom, A Satyam, BT Chamberlain, M Dvela-Levitt, ...
Cell Reports Medicine 1 (8), 2020
Robust unmixing of tumor states in array comparative genomic hybridization data
D Tolliver, C Tsourakakis, A Subramanian, S Shackney, R Schwartz
Bioinformatics 26 (12), i106-i114, 2010
A single-cell and spatial atlas of autopsy tissues reveals pathology and cellular targets of SARS-CoV-2
TM Delorey, CGK Ziegler, G Heimberg, R Normand, Y Yang, ...
Biorxiv, 2021
High-resolution Slide-seqV2 spatial transcriptomics enables discovery of disease-specific cell neighborhoods and pathways
JL Marshall, T Noel, QS Wang, H Chen, E Murray, A Subramanian, ...
Iscience 25 (4), 2022
ImmGen at 15
Nature Immunology 21 (7), 700-703, 2020
Identification of a protective microglial state mediated by miR-155 and interferon-γ signaling in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease
Z Yin, S Herron, S Silveira, K Kleemann, C Gauthier, D Mallah, Y Cheng, ...
Nature neuroscience 26 (7), 1196-1207, 2023
ImmGen at 15
SV Aguilar, O Aguilar, R Allan, V Angeli, MN Artyomov, N Asinovski, ...
Nature immunology 21 (7), 700-703, 2020
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