Redmond G O'Connell
Redmond G O'Connell
Professor in Decision Neuroscience, Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience and School of
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Pupil diameter covaries with BOLD activity in human locus coeruleus
PR Murphy, RG O'connell, M O'sullivan, IH Robertson, JH Balsters
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A supramodal accumulation-to-bound signal that determines perceptual decisions in humans
RG O'connell, PM Dockree, SP Kelly
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Pupillometry and P3 index the locus coeruleus–noradrenergic arousal function in humans
PR Murphy, IH Robertson, JH Balsters, RG O'connell
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The role of cingulate cortex in the detection of errors with and without awareness: a high‐density electrical mapping study
RG O'Connell, PM Dockree, MA Bellgrove, SP Kelly, R Hester, H Garavan, ...
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Internal and external influences on the rate of sensory evidence accumulation in the human brain
SP Kelly, RG O'Connell
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The classic P300 encodes a build‐to‐threshold decision variable
DM Twomey, PR Murphy, SP Kelly, RG O'Connell
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Uncovering the neural signature of lapsing attention: electrophysiological signals predict errors up to 20 s before they occur
RG O'Connell, PM Dockree, IH Robertson, MA Bellgrove, JJ Foxe, ...
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Evaluating the neurophysiological evidence for predictive processing as a model of perception
KS Walsh, DP McGovern, A Clark, RG O'Connell
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The molecular genetics of executive function: role of monoamine system genes
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PR Murphy, IH Robertson, S Harty, RG O'Connell
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Retest reliability of event‐related potentials: E vidence from a variety of paradigms
SM Cassidy, IH Robertson, RG O'Connell
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Self-alert training: Volitional modulation of autonomic arousal improves sustained attention
RG O’Connell, MA Bellgrove, PM Dockree, A Lau, M Fitzgerald, ...
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RG O’Connell, MA Bellgrove, PM Dockree, A Lau, R Hester, H Garavan, ...
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Two types of action error: electrophysiological evidence for separable inhibitory and sustained attention neural mechanisms producing error on go/no-go tasks
RG O'Connell, PM Dockree, MA Bellgrove, A Turin, S Ward, JJ Foxe, ...
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A simultaneous ERP/fMRI investigation of the P300 aging effect
RG O'Connell, JH Balsters, SM Kilcullen, W Campbell, AW Bokde, R Lai, ...
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ERP measures indicate both attention and working memory encoding decrements in aging
S Finnigan, RG O'Connell, TDR Cummins, M Broughton, IH Robertson
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The neural processes underlying perceptual decision making in humans: recent progress and future directions
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Decisions are expedited through multiple neural adjustments spanning the sensorimotor hierarchy
NA Steinemann, RG O’Connell, SP Kelly
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An electrophysiological signal that precisely tracks the emergence of error awareness
PR Murphy, IH Robertson, D Allen, R Hester, RG O'Connell
Frontiers in human neuroscience 6, 65, 2012
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