Victor Zhorin
Victor Zhorin
Independent Researcher
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Study of energy transfer from Yb3+ to Er3+ in rare-earth silicates and borates
VA Lebedev, VF Pisarenko, YM Chuev, AA Perfilin, AG Avanesov, ...
Journal of luminescence 72, 942-944, 1997
Economic development, flow of funds, and the equilibrium interaction of financial frictions
B Moll, RM Townsend, V Zhorin
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 201707055, 2017
Financial Obstacles and Inter-Regional Flow of Funds
B Moll, RM Townsend, V Zhorin
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2013
Studies of local structure of in borosilicate glass using laser and x-ray spectroscopic methods and computational modeling
GK Liu, VV Zhorin, MR Antonio, ST Li, CW Williams, L Soderholm
The Journal of Chemical Physics 112 (3), 1489-1496, 2000
Crystal-field splitting, magnetic interaction, and vibronic excitations of in and
GK Liu, ST Li, VV Zhorin, CK Loong, MM Abraham, LA Boatner
The Journal of chemical physics 109 (16), 6800-6808, 1998
Modelling crystal-field interaction for f-elements in LaCl3
VV Zhorin, GK Liu
Journal of alloys and compounds 275, 137-141, 1998
Convergence of economic growth and the Great Recession as seen from a Celestial Observatory
E Duede, V Zhorin
EPJ Data Science 5, 1-19, 2016
Silicate crystals for infra-red lasers
AG Avanesov, VA Lebedev, VV Zhorin, AG Okhrimchuk, AV Shestakov
Journal of luminescence 72, 155-156, 1997
Crystal field analysis and Monte Carlo simulation of lattice disordering for in and
GK Liu, VV Zhorin, ST Li, JV Beitz
The Journal of Chemical Physics 112 (1), 373-382, 2000
Synthesis and study of non-linear laser crystals CeSc3 (BO3) 4
VA Lebedev, VF Pisarenko, YM Chuev, VV Zhorin, AA Perfilin, ...
Advanced Solid State Lasers, SM1, 1996
Single crystal sicilates- A new class of materials for tunable lasers
AG Avanesov, VG Dvornikova, VV Zhorin, AF Kaneeva, V Lebedev
Rossijskaya Akademiya Nauk, Izvestiya, Seriya Fizicheskaya 59 (6), 10-16, 1995
Energy levels of Cr4+ in YAG
MG Brik, VV Zhorin
Journal of luminescence 72, 149-151, 1997
Optimal contracting and spatial competition among financial service providers
G Joaquim, R Townsend, V Zhorin
Working Paper 32, 33, 2019
Spatial competition among financial service providers and optimal contract design
RM Townsend, VV Zhorin
Working paper. http://www. robertmtownsend. net/working_papers, 2014
Spectroscopy of forsterite single crystals doped with ions of nickel and vanadium
AG Avanesov, VG Dvornikova, VV Zhorin, YA Kuznetsov, TG Kuznetsova, ...
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy 59, 582-584, 1993
Crystal field in heterodesmic compounds
AG Avanesov, VV Zhorin, BZ Malkin, VF Pisarenko
Fizika tverdogo tela 34 (9), 2899-2906, 1992
The crystal field in high-temperature superconductors
AG Avanesov, VV Zhorin, BZ Malkin, VF Pisarenko
Physics of the Solid State 36 (6), 868-872, 1994
Grid-enabled estimation of structural economic models
V Zhorin, T Stef-Praun
Oscillating field model in the theory of optical spectra
AG Avanesov, VV Zhorin, VF Pisarenko
Tenth Feofilov Symposium on Spectroscopy of Crystals Activated by Rare-Earth …, 1996
Laser spectroscopy of rare-earth ions in glasses
GK Liu, VV Zhorin, ST Li, JV Beitz, E Lebrasseur, B Jacquier
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